March 3rd, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

A list for the day, or possibly the week

Because I've found that I work better with a list in mind, and I have fun crossing out items...

I think I want to stay home until carline tomorrow, so I shall try to be productive with the time:
(Blue added as the day/week progresses.)
  • clear kitchen counters and sinks
  • wash dishes
  • clear kitchen table
  • clip, sort & cull coupons
  • </s>open mail</s>
  • post bills
  • make phone calls
  • print checks
  • fold clean laundry from last week
  • start this week's laundry
  • clean the master bathroom
  • plan menus and grocery list
  • reorganize bowling records
  • update chess database
  • plan for Tigger's birthday party
  • work more on Erosul site

5:43 pm update: I let the mail go too long again. But now all the bills are neatly tucked away into the "bills to post" folder, receipts (& my checkbook) are tucked into the "receipts to post" folder, and I've enough stuff in the "medical bills and eobs" folder that I need to address that this week. Tonight's dinner: pineapple meatloaves, served on mashed potato seas, with cheese sails and carrot headlands. It's one of my "mommy" specials. To further my grand menu planning database, I want to get a nice enough edition of it tonight to take a picture.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

going to bed

live journal has been weird today; I'm hoping it's back to normal tomorrow.

I've got a bunch of scans queued up to print in the morning -- I'm too sleepy to pay attention to it tonight. Assuming they print okay, I'm mailing three or possibly four of the ebay auctions tomorrow.

I also have to go grocery shopping, and Flar helped by putting down what he noticed was missing. I'll fill out the dinner menu with convenience foods whose coupons are about to expired, and be done with it.

I'm never could get Live Journal to show me the latest edit that I thought I made. Grr. I'll start the list over tomorrow afternoon in a new entry. Probably keep repeating it, with changes, rather than editing it.

I took a picture of tonight's dinner, to add to the images in my menu planning database. Collapse )

And now, for sleep.
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