March 2nd, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Oh what a mess

Twas not a pleasant tournament.

For the record, the American Legion Post #201 is not an appropriate venue for a state level chess tournament.

But first, last night was nice. Wolf and Sydb had warned me the house would be messy, but all I saw was a living room that was inviting, with an adorable baby and her playtoys as a decorating scheme. There was room in the fridge for my water and soda. An open outlet for my laptop charger, and an available charger for my phone. And my wonderful spice, Wolf and Sydb, warm and loving as always, even after a long hard week of being sick and working.

I tried to connect my laptop to their wireless network. I successfully saw the network with my card, but the TCP/IP screen never recognized the router. I suspect from my re-connection at home tonight, that I might have been able to connect, if I'd only tried typing in the router IP number in the browser. Okay, technically I tried that once, but that was when my aerocard settings weren't right yet. Oh well, maybe next time I can, and we can play scrabble together. :)

I did get a chance to enter some of the chess club info in my database, while the meanings of cryptic notes were more likely remembered, and I wrote an email to queue later.

We went to bed at a reasonable hour, and then couldn't get to sleep for talking. It was a really good visit, even if I'd have preferred longer.

I woke up at 6am this morning. I was planning to wake up at 6:45, so I went back to sleep. And never heard the alarm on my PDA go off. Fortunately, I woke up at 7:15, so we weren't horribly late. I wanted to get there by 8, and didn't arrive until 8:15.

This tournament was yet another in a series of tournaments with strict deadlines for entries, high late fees, and no day-of-tournament entries. The intent is to reduce chaos at the beginning of the tournament. This was only partially successful for this tournament. The space provided was in two buildings. There was a large hall that was being used for player space, and a two-story building broken up into four spaces, for the skittles space. When we arrived, the first pairings were posted on the wall of the two story building, nearest the approach to the hall. Unfortunately, the organizers had made no effort to assign space within the skittles area, even though they were theoretically armed with information about how many schools would be participating, and the sizes of each team. The space was insufficient, and unevenly apportioned by FCFS method, so that there were teams with large amounts of table space and chairs, and there were teams who just hung out around the outside of the buildings all day.

One of our parents pulled her child out of the tournament, rather than wait out our efforts at getting sufficient space within skittles for our team. Someone else actually called the fire marshall, but the event wasn't shut down, so I don't know if anything came of it.

I found a table that had one of the long sides against a wall, found which school already had dibs on it, and got them to agree to share it. There was unused floor space in the middle of that room, so we moved the table into it, doubling the access to it, and then scarfed chairs from other tables -- after the players started their first games.

I spent part of my time sitting on the floor at this tournament. I actually won a game of chess against one of the elementary players that regularly creams me in chess club, and we had time to play a few rounds of Blink. If the skittles space had been nicer, it would have been a fun tournament -- the elementary and junior high divisions had scheduled start times, so there were plenty of opporunities to play games. But not a great space in which to do so. Sigh.

Since Critter was sick, and there was a veteran chess mom present in the junior high division, I was to duck home after the primaries trophy ceremony was over. I gave a ride home to one of the primary players and his mom, who had ridden to the tournament with Coach.

On our way home, we picked up a present for Tigger to take to the birthday party to which he's invited tomorrow. We got home by 6, which is much earlier than I'd expected.

Flar made dinner, and I've been vegging since. I napped through Ferngully, then read to the boys for a little over an hour (with interruptions). We finished reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and then I needed to look up which book comes next, as our books aren't labelled as to order.

When I went to reconnect to the wireless network, it turned out that the TCP/IP screen didn't see the router, until I got all the settings right, restarted, and then connected to the router via my browser. When I couldn't connect to Wolf's router last night, I was only using the TCP/IP control screen as my indicator. Sigh. Sucky Mac controls. Maybe next time I'll get it to work.

After I finished reading to the boys, I was awake enough to read email and write. But now I need to go to bed to make my headache go away. I'll catch up on live journal tomorrow, and then tackle the mail and bills. Flar said he'd take Tigger to the birthday party.

Soon to sleep,
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

This is kind of cool.

Yesterday, I found another old friend through comments in a friend's journal.

Anyway, I've been reading back in his journal, and found this. It seems like an idea worth looking into, and supporting.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

Lazy Sunday

Went to sleep with a headache; woke up with a headache. Breakfast in bed, two excedrin and a Diet Dr. Pepper later, headache went away.

I submitted to the urge to veg today. Watched Next Gen with Critter, and got playsite working. After Ro went offline to make dinner. But Canuckgirl kindly offered to help me test it, once I'd installed Mac Runtime Java, and then whupped me. I think her score was double mine. ;)

I made chicken & rice for dinner with stir-fry veggies with a four-cheese sauce.

We watched Ice Age, and now it's time to read to the boys.

I need to make lists for tomorrow...
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