February 24th, 2003

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Lazy Sunday

I woke up this morning, and started reading my current book, Kiln People, by David Brin. I was intending to get up when I was more awake, but couldn't stay awake to read, so I went back to sleep longer. That's what Sundays are for, right?

When I finally dragged myself out of bed, I ate cinnamon/mozzarella roll-ups, a bizarre brunch kind of thing that I like, and then noshed on sweets for a bit.

I couldn't really get started on anything today, although there was plenty of housework and other chores to choose from. I did pull myself away from my book long enough to shower, and then decided I ought to work on Erosul.com, so I curled up into my recliner to work.

I also caught up on live journal and email, and ate the dinner that Flar fixed tonight, and read Borrowers Afield to Tigger, as Critter remembered homework at the last minute. Grr.

I got frustrated working on the Erosul stuff. The images that I need to add to the site are all too big: I need to make thumbnail sizes for many of them, and resize all of them to a reasonable size to put on the site. I have a package that's supposed to simplify that for me, and it worked great to make a folder full of thumbnail versions. Then I went to do the same thing but at a larger size, and I couldn't get it to quit crashing the computer. About the only I didn't think to try, was throwing more memory at the program. I finally got Flar to re-size the pictures for me, while I worked on changing the html.

So far, I've:
  • made the changes to the Special Services page, except that I don't yet have pictures of my elf boots to add to that page
  • added pictures to the Brazil Cut woman's pants page
  • took out the non-existent Models page
  • added a current events page, with all the text, but none of the links and pictures, yet.

  • Match pictures to text on current event page
  • continue making changes as indicated in Flar's notes
  • write up an email to parents of kids in the next tournament, organizing carpooling
  • do calling to finalize the roster for the next tournament
  • clean the kitchen
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bundled up, walkabout, snow


Another recipe that's gone missing, so I'm putting it here for safe-keeping.

Serving Size : 6
Categories : Beef Casseroles

AmountMeasureIngredient -- Preparation Method
2tablespoonsvegetable oil
1 1/2poundsbeef for stew, cut into 1 1/2 inch chunks
4mediumcarrots, cut into 2 inch pieces
2mediumonions, each cut into 6 wedges
2clovesgarlic, crushed with garlic press
128 oz. canplum tomatoes
113 3/4 oz. canbeef broth
1cupdry red wine
33"x1"inchorange peel
1 bay leaf

Preheat oven to 350°F.

In 5-quart Dutch oven over medium-high heat, in 1 tablespoon hot vegetable oil, cook beef chunks, half at a time, until browned; remove to bowl. In same Dutch oven in 1 more tablespoon hot vegetable oil, cook carrots and onions until browned. Add garlic, cook 1 minute, stirring. Return meat to Dutch oven; add tomatoes with their liquid, beef broth, red wine, orange peel, bay leaf, and salt. Over high heat, heat to boiling stirring with spoon to break up tomatoes. If you like, transfer mixture to deep 5-quart casserole; cover and bake 45 to 60 minutes longer until beef and barley are tender. Discard bay leaf.

Makes 6 main-dish servings.

Update: because the veggies are in largish chunks, and I didn't have to cut the carrots (used baby carrots) or meat (used stew meat) at all, this went together pretty quickly. Major delay because weird cork screw pulled itself apart (I was operating it normally), and minor puzzle over when to put the barley in! All of the net publications of this recipe left that bit out, and had the same misspelling (that I corrected, so there).

I added the barley before bringing the stew to a boil, as per a different barley stew recipe on the side of the barley box.
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Sour Cream Mushroom Quiche

This time, I'm saving a recipe before I lose it.

Serving Size : 1
Categories : Quiche

AmountMeasureIngredient -- Preparation Method
19"pie crust, unbaked
3 eggs
1C.sour cream
1Tsp.Worcestershire sauce
1C.Swiss cheese -- grated
1Lb.fresh mushrooms -- sliced

Wash, dry and slice mushrooms. Saute onions in butter; add mushrooms. Cook until mushrooms are brown but are still firm. Place aside. Beat eggs in medium-sized bowl. Add sour cream, salt and Worcestershire sauce. Mix ingredients until blended. Add grated cheese. Drain mushrooms and onions; add to egg mixture. Pour into unbaked Pastry Shell. Bake 25 to 30 minutes in 375°F oven until custard has set and quiche is browned on top. This recipe may be served as a main dish or as hors d'oeurves. For hors d'oeurves use tart pans, if desired.

Only, I don't have mushrooms, and I'm cooking for meat-eating children, so I'm making this with diced ham and onions and 4 cheese mexican mixture. And adding a pinch of dry mustard to get the sharp back.

I looked for this recipe online, because I never buy cream, but I often have sour cream on hand. And skim milk takes forever to bake out of a custard. I'll be assembling this a bit differently: Rather than adding the cheese and diced ham and onions to the custard mix, I'll spread it evenly on the crust, then pour the custard mixture over it. That was the way I was taught to assemble a quiche loraine.

Update: Ohmygosh, this was yummy. The texture was perfect - no runny quiche here. Next time I'll leave out the salt, if I use ham, but I it's probably helpful for a veggie-only version.
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Gotta break a few eggs

Eight, to be exact: three for quiche and five for mousse.

So far, today has been a model of domesticity.

With no syrup or sausage in the house, I provided a hot breakfast was via freshly baked Grands cinnamon rolls.

After Flar took off with the kids (heading into gnarly traffic, and getting to school an unprecedented 30 minutes late), I washed dishes. I'd the dishwasher unloaded/loaded, the recyclables rinsed, the trash can and recycling bin retrieved from the curb, and about a third of the dishes washed, when I remembered that I was going to take my car to Powers this morning.

Last Friday, my "Service Engine Soon" light came on, so I called Powers and made an appointment to bring it in this morning. I waited while they checked it out: there were two codes related to "Service Engine" and four related to "ABS", which has also been coming on, intermittently, as well. I talked it over with the owner, and we agreed to change the oil and air filter, then run through the other codes. (The air filter was indicated by one of the codes.)

Back at home, I finished washing all the dishes, then started in on the fridge. It's been since Kittybane and Starmaiden house-sat over Christmas, that it was cleaned. Since then, there's been an incident with a blender pitcher of strawberry milkshake. I pulled out expired stuff, cleaned the top three shelves, and re-organized things.

I also planned menus for the next week, and made out a grocery list and Sam's list. By then, Flar and Knight were back from Rotary, and Knight was nice enough to stick around to see what the word was on my car.

I am no longer a happy customer of Powers. They hadn't changed the oil, and in fact, hadn't looked into any of the codes further. Grr. No wonder they hadn't called me yet. This was, by the way, after 2pm. I dropped it off at 9:30, and left it to them at 10. Okay, technically, they were quick about the initial check, but I was not given any warning that there would be this much delay.

In the conversation I had (once again, with the owner), I found out that his Service Manager had moved to Memphis. I had always been very happy with the S.M. He always took good care of me and my car, and kept me well-informed about the status. The only time I had an annoying delay in the past, was when my initial call got taken by the owner, who failed to inform anyone about what kind of service I'd arranged, so they could pre-order parts. This is also the man who's had my father-in-law's motorhome for three years. I was a customer of Powers because of the service manager at this location, not because of the owner.

Knight drove me to Powers so I could pick up my car. On the way to picking up the boys at school (I ended up second in carline), I called 590 and found out the name of the company that has the car show on Saturdays. I'm taking my car to Autotech on Thursday morning, after I get the oil changed at 9 Minit Lube on Wednesday. The downside is that Powers is the only company in town that offers free diagnositics. But I'd rather take my car to a company that I can have some faith in, and I guess I've developed some faith in Autotech just listening to the call-in program on Saturdays.

After I picked up the boys, we stopped at Incredipet for dog food, CompUSA to exchange the Netgear box, and the grocery. This trip, the boys were a help rather than a hindrance: Critter kept the running total on his visor, so I didn't have to keep switching between calculator and grocery list on mine.

I made Quiche for dinner tonight, and have sour cream and butter coming up to room temperature to make mousse for dessert. Flar has not only noticed, but commented on, my domesticity. I'm giving the credit to being off Zyrtec, but maybe my New Year's resolutions are starting to kick in.

Saturday, while we were out shopping, the postman tried to deliver Flar's present. Today, I forgot to include that in today's errands. So we'll probably pick it up tomorrow. I have to call to see which night this week works best for Knight and Ro to come over for Flar's birthday party. That is, if the package IS the present. ;)

Tonight, beside making the mousse, I'm going to work on Erosul.com and write a carpooling email to chess parents. I'll do final calling for the tournament tomorrow afternoon.
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That ever-present need-to-know

I'm making the mousse now. But getting out the egg-whites reminded me of a conversation in someone else's journal, and I needed to track this down.

My source was Betty Crocker's Cookbook: "Eggs separate more easily when cold but beat to higher volume faster at room temperature."

Okay, so that's where that tidbit entered my head.
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