January 23rd, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Private School Education

Jessamine County - closed, announced before 11:30pm last night
Fayette County - closed
The Lexington School - one hour delay

I swear, I am just too sleepy to hear the closings on the radio. Got up late. Wandered in to feed the dogs. Vaguely remembered hearing closings that affected us. Called the school. Looked up the rest of the school closings online.

According to the National Weather Service Climate Report, we got 2 inches of snow yesterday in Lexington. Looks like whatever fell after midnight added to the count, but not by a lot.

I"m officially Up Early. The dogs are a fed, and there's a timer to remind me to let them in. The sheets basket is empty huzzah!
I've still got an additional load of whites to do (spare mattress pad), and hey, I might even do some of the delicates...

I planned on waking the boys at 7:30am: Critter came down on his own, and I hear Tigger moving around. I'll be making French Toast, the official breakfast of snow days. They get to wear jeans to school. My jeans are icey cold -- they spent the night up against the vent in the dryer. Critter is wearing his normal khaki cargo pants. "Jeans don't have pockets."

Conditions reported at 7:11 am: 7°F / -14°C Light Snow
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Mid-morning update

The roads were totally clear by the time I got to Nicholasville Road, and Vince has a nice comforting scattering of cinders on top of the snow.

Critter actually wore his leather jacket over his sweater, so it's offically cold. ;)

We still have water.

I took my car by the dealer for an estimate. $901. Ick. It's just the body fascia, but he also included the turn signal in the estimate. Which only makes sense if there are attachment thingies broken loose. It's staying in just fine, now that I've tucked it back, and it operates correctly.

If the guy's insurance covers the damage, I may still have to find a lower estimate. Always best to start at the top, eh?

I stopped by Knight's to watch Buffy and Angel. I let the dogs out long enough for Flood to give up her "let me back in immediately" position on the steps. After a yummy lunch of leftovers, I've got 30 minutes before I need to leave for the allergist's office.

The windchill advisory said to check on the elderly, so I called up my father-in-law. He got a chuckle out of that, and told me to watch it: I'll get myself in trouble. I said he must not be elderly, if he decided to walk to the bank yesterday. He lives in a hilly neighborhood, so unless he's thinking of a different bank, that's a hike.

Flar's working out everyday. And I haven't even started climbing stairs again. I am a naturally lazy person. (Think the same voice that Freda uses in Peanuts -- I have naturally curly hair. Woo, points for me for remembering her name. Points off for being wimpy enough to check before posting.)

Email didn't take long, so I'll try live journal. ;)
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Good news

My blood pressure was only 128/80 at the allergist today. And the doctor said I could take my Zyrtec without affecting it. The nurses said it would be fine to ask for my blood pressure to be taken when I come in for an allergy shot, if I want to keep monitoring it.

Knight's taking me on an honest-to-goodness date tonight. Window shopping at a furniture store (I want something better to put by my chair for my laptop), dinner at Chinese Buffet and a movie: Two Weeks Notice with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant.

And, I got the kids to help me get the rest of the stuff off the jacuzzi -- the Christmas wrapping supply box, and a bunch of their Christmas presents. I put cleared off the rest of my stuff. My clothes and the towels and sheets aren't folded, but they're not taking up space on top of the jacuzzi.

I wrote up a list of things for the kids to do, and I'll call before and after dinner to check up on them.

I started a bean soup for tomorrow, in the crockpot. It's got two cans of Great Northern, a can of light red kidneys and a can of dark red kidneys, two cans of diced tomoatoes and a can of Rotel tomatoes, the rest of the ham that didn't go into the casserole last night, a pound of carrots, and a chopped onion, sautéd in butter. I added three cans of water, and I'll let it simmer at crock pot low until tomorrow afternoon, when I'll see what seasonings it needs.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Turning in

The movie was great.

Even though it's been weeks since I've had Chinese, I think it's losing it's appeal for me. Dinner was good, but just kind of good enough, you know? Dessert was yummy: strawberry ice cream and multi-colored sherbet. I say -colored, because honestly, past sweet, I wouldn't say it really had flavor.

Didn't have time to window shop at the furniture store.

Conditons at 10:54 pm: 5°F / -15°C Overcast

The jacuzzi is a bit cold. The back door didn't latch all the way when I came in, and the wind blew it open. The dogs barked to let me know what was going on, but the cold breeze chilled it quickly. I'm letting them warm up a bit with me before I go to bed.
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