January 22nd, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Ham & Swiss Casserole

This is on one of those elusive recipe cards that likes to hide when I've decided to make dinner. Since I've got it written up here, I decided to point to it from an entry that I could add to my memories.
bundled up, walkabout, snow


I'm staring at a mountain of everything to do. Hard to pick.

Someone on my friend's list has starting writing fantasy journal entries. Journals which chronicle the daily activities of the life she fantisizes. I think this is an interesting exercise in looking at you really want out of life. I was surprised that her first entry of this nature seemed so attainable.

And then I realized. Often, when I type out lists and plan what I'll do the next day, I'm writing my fantasy journal.

And sometimes, I live parts of my fantasies. :)

So I tackled the largest, in physical volume of my mountains, today, while also giving a nod to time constraints. I'm having Nurse over for dinner and it's likely to snow tonight AND the temperature is expected to plummet.

So far, I've:
  • assembled the Ham and Swiss Casserole, ready to bake tonight.
  • sorted the clothes on top of the jacuzzi
  • washed & dried whites
  • washed & drying colors
  • washing sweaters and fleece
  • packed Flar's bag for him
  • had a nice lunch
  • added a link to my memories to my friends view

Tonight, I'll:
  • get Critter to do dishes
  • get Tigger to rinse recycling
  • hand-wash the rest
  • wash the rest of the laundry
  • get bowling forms ready
  • visit with Nurse

And now it's time to take Flar to the airport.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Good news, bad news

Nurse can't make it tonight.

But I've already got dinner ready to bake, so my evening will be more relaxed, albeit without company.

Maybe I'll get online tonight, and see who's available for chatting.

He should be ready by now, darn it all....
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Evening Update

I dropped Flar off at the airport, filled up my car, then headed over to the post office to drop off some mail for Woodstream.

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I picked up the boys, then deposited checks at the bank on the way home. In the sense that driving 5 miles past the turn for home and back is on the way. ;)

I'm so glad dinner was ready to stick in the oven. It meant we were able to eat at a reasonable time, even getting home so late. While it was baking, I had the boys take their laundry upstairs to fold and put away, so we'd have baskets to sort this weeks' clothes into. Before they got back downstairs, I went fed the dogs. Which meant bringing in the dog food I bought yesterday, that Flar left in the car. I suppose he doesn't consider the dog food to be part of groceries.

Flar called to say that his arrival time is being delayed a few hours, so he won't be calling when he gets in. I told him about the car, and he okayed my plan.

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After dinner, Critter loaded the dishwasher and Tigger rinsed the recycling.

Then I got them to help me sort this weeks' clothes. There's a load of towels in the dryer that includes a pair of jeans, and another load of towels in the washer. The next load will be another set of sheets. I've been letting extra sets back up and be ignored.

So, I've gotten the clean-and-ready-to-fold laundry down to one basket of Flar's clothes on the massage table, two baskets of my clothes by my bed, and a pile of work towels on top of the jacuzzi.

The water is running in the kitchen and all four bathrooms, and I'm hoping to have all the big water-based house chores down by the end of the evening.

I need to upload the pictures I took of the water garden. The fountain is completely frozen over, but I can still here water running inside. I may have to switch the pump off, though, with the temperatures we're expecting tonight.
I'm content to leave my clothes unfolded tonight, but I'll fold the work towels, and I think there might be a basket of clean sheets left to fold. I'll probably towels onto the jacuzzi top to fold as they're ready, and keep the laundry moving through the night. Which means as soon as I hand-wash the remaining dishes and get the work towels folded, I can get online to chat.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Going to bed

16°F / -9°C Light Snow (as of 11:16)

Jessamine County Schools are closed tomorrow, but no word about Fayette County or TLS, so I assume they are in session.

Shamelessly leaving the bowling forms until the morning, in case Fayette County closes school.

I've washed and dried all of this week's laundry, except the sheets that Wolf and I used on Saturday. Left to fold are my clothes, towels, and a bunch of sheets. But everything's sorted out, and the boys have folded and put away all of their clothes.

  • Check for School Closings
  • Feed the dogs
  • Feed the boys
  • Print bowling forms
  • Drive the boys to school
  • Drive to bowling
  • clip coupons before the bowling alley opens -- coming from school, I get there early
  • bowl
  • deposit bowling fees
  • get an estimate on repairing my bumper
  • get re-tested at the allergist -- discuss blood pressure vis-a-vis allergy meds
  • Date Night with Knight

To bed in time to read a bit.
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