January 21st, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Daily Update

Last night, we had dinner with Knight and Ro and watched Mr. Deeds. I hadn't gotten a chance to see it yet, and I really enjoyed it. Ro fixed chili this weekend and her chicken noodle casserole last night. I had both for dinner, and a yummy Fuji apple. Next time I buy apples, I'm going to buy those; it was sweet and very crunchy. I like the way Ro fixes her chili, and her suggestion of adding cheese and (lite) sour cream was great.

When we got home, I decided to complete a lazy day by going to bed early. When Flar came to bed at 11:30pm, he remarked upon how I don't mean "go to sleep" when I say "go to bed." I was reading Kushiel's Chosen. :)

This morning, I fixed the boys banana pancakes for breakfast. While they were eating, I quizzed them about items to add to the grocery list. Tigger didn't hear me - he told me on the way home from school this afternoon that we were out of spaghettios with meatballs.

But I did take the time to make out menus for the week, so I'd know for what recipes I'd be shopping. The special recipes are Ham and Swiss Casserole and Beef Macaroni Italiano. Nurse asked me to fix the former for her, when I invited her to dinner Wednesday night, and I decided to fix the latter for Flar tonight, since we haven't had it in a while. I also decided to get pork chops, to fix the box dinner we've had in the pantry awhile.

My nipple piercings are healing just fine. But I'm still learning how long to warm the distilled water to mix with sea salt. Yesterday I determined that 3 minutes is too long. Today I learned that 2 minutes is too long.

One of the reasons I've wanted nipple piercings is that my nipples haven't been very sensitive, ever since I nursed my babies. The piercings are definitely stimulating them -- especially when I get cold. Brr.

Bowling this morning was great! I bowled 155, 172 and 156. We took 3 out of 4 points: Grace wasn't bowling her average today, so we lost the last game, when Knight's game started to fall off, as well.

I picked up new dog food, then did a small grocery run that was mostly sodas and meat. We should be set for several meals now, since I stocked up on staples last week.

I told my mom about getting my nipples pierced. Her immediate reaction was to want to know why on earth I'd do such a thing. When I told her that Flar found nipple piercings attractive, she was totally positive about it, but then said not to tell Daddy -- she wouldn't want get them for him. :) Then it turns out she'd rather get a tattoo. Now, Mom's always talked about tattoos like they're graffiti on God's temple, so this was a surprise to me. So we talked about that a bit.

I figure when I get around to getting a tattoo, it'll be no biggie to tell Mom about it. ;)

If she were to put together details from phone conversations, about my weekend, she might wonder about who went with me for me to get pierced. If she asks me point-blank, I'm planning to tell her that Wolf went with me, cause Flar's too squeamish. Since I'm not out to Mom about poly or BDSM, I don't plan to tell her that my piercings are a gift from Wolf, as my Master, and will provide a nice permanent place to wear symbols of commitment to him. But then, I don't expect her to ask about *that* point-blank.

Flar got a small client check over the weekend. On my way home from the grocery, he called to see if I could get it deposited before 2, which is the cut-off at our bank. I traded cars, and let him unload the groceries, to get it there in time.

That gave me just enough time to eat lunch and leave to pick up the boys. When we got home, I hotsynced my visor, and then formatted over two weeks worth of food diaries to send to Wolf. Solid habits are hard to form. ;) Now I'll download email, delete the spam, and see if there's any urgent mail.

Then it'll be time to start dinner.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

G'nite all

Gotta make this short -- phone call with Wolf awaits me.

Dinner was yummy. Caught up on Live Journal. Shooed the kids to bed. Created a style to edit for my friends view - check it out: now I have a weather update whenever I'm reading my friends page. Handy in the winter.

Thanks, Cassie, for the idea.

I forgot to mention that while I was out today, I went by Claire's and bought photo inserts for wallets. I have a leather "pocket briefcase" that I have them slipped into right now, but I'm thinking of designing "photo album" covers to hold them.

I'm bringing all of my photos of Roo with me to Louisville next week, so that Angela can tell me which were taken when. I'll put them in order, and when I get home, print an index to slip into the back, for reference. I'm going to start keeping the boys' school pictures this way, too. Wonder how many years I still have wallet photos for...

G'night all.
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