January 11th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Today's round-up

I just got finished watching the Ramones blow up Rock n Rock High School quite a contrast to Morgan Freeman in Lean on Me.

I'm in the kitchen, baking Almond Roca drop cookies. I just finished washing the hand-wash, so I have time to update my journal during the last two sheets.

After chess club, I had updates to send J. for the tournament tomorrow, so I got those together and then went upstairs to fax them. Gave her the call to let her know I was faxing, and she took the info over the phone, instead. Oh well, at least I got a round trip on the stairs to my credit. ;)

I spent the rest of the evening vegging under my laptop, reading email and live journal, posting to live journal, ICQing with Sydb, and then talking to Wolf, when ICQ crashed my laptop. Or, to be more accurately failed inelegantly to deal with memory creep. It's probably another program that's grabbing memory and not properly releasing it, but ICQ managed to freeze up the computer when it happened.

I spent the early part of the day cleaning the kitchen (just dealing with dishes this time, and only 1 day's worth); watching Buffy with Knight; getting a sign-out sheet ready and printed for chess club; and going to chess club. There were about 40 kids there this afternoon. I got there in time, and then spent the first half hour going over things with Coach. The next half hour checking in students and the rest of the time fielding checks and cheching out kids. It's always a zoo right about 5, when most of the parents show up.

Which leaves the list at:
  1. Clean the kitchen while the boys eat breakfast. Finished after they left, as it turns out.
  2. Watch Buffy with Knight.
    • Make certificates for ChessEnded up just writing up a tournament report on an info. page for the kids.
    • Print out the roster for chess club tomorrow.
    • ooh, ooh, add the active field as a date field and mark the latest date kids have been to chess club, from the check-in sheets that I have.The lists weren't dated; decided to add an inactive field, instead.
  3. Fold laundry
  4. Get to Chess Club early, with the equipment bag
  5. Email and fax the updates to J. after chess club
  6. sweet-talk Flar into making dinner
  7. Make cookies!

I didn't get to the laundry, but I made cookies, and I'm returning the kitchen to clean.

Gotta make print the team roster for scorekeeping, print a few views of the chess db as resource sheets, and write out things to remember in the morning, and then I can go to sleep.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

My Live Journal Analyses

I got this link from roina_arwen. I decided to see how the analysis would change if I subtracted comunities from my friends count.

This is the analysis generated when I included the communities in the friends count:
Collapse )
The only real difference between the two analyses si the paragraph relating to friends to friends-of ratio:
Collapse )

I originally joined Live Journal to rant about something, and got caught up enough in the process of creating a journal and picking out styles and whatnot, that I'd kind of cooled down on the reason for the rant. For long time, I tried to post when I had something "thoughtful" to post. I didn't figure out the whole Friends view systems at first, so I was sort of sporadic at remembering to read other people's journals.

By now, I've enough friends who write the sort of content that I'd get if I called them once or more a day, and I try to do something similar. Live Journal has become a way of keeping with the daily stuff in each others' lives, while we're busy enough that we might not keep in touch often enough otherwise.

My mom asked me to email her every day, as one of my New Year's Resolutions. I'm not out to my mom about being poly, and it's not something I choose to hide in my journal, so I haven't pointed her toward this journal. Instead, I've been editing my daily reports for her consumption - it doesn't take too many changes.

I probably don't use live journal that it's envisioned, but it's become a habit. In my own way.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

Chess and movies

I just got through watching 40 Days and 40 Nights. Flar came downstairs from a phone call with Gaucha, right at 10pm. We've been wanting to watch this, but lately, movie time has intersected with family time, and it wasn't something the boys would want to watch.

It was quite funny. A bit quirky in places, and I have to say I really liked the use of color in the movie. There were probably all sorts of symbolic things going on with the color that educated film people would know about. All I know is that I enjoyed it.

As I expected, when I got home from the tournament, I was only interested in vegging under the laptop. I got caught up on email and live journal, while Flar fixed dinner. He made kiddy-fare: mac n cheese and beans n franks, but the only other meal left on the menu is bean soup, and that takes thinking ahead. Which I'll do tomorrow.

Before the kids went to bed, we watched the first disc in Flar's Christmas present from Knight, the 3-Disc Set of Back to the Future.

The chess tournament was really nicely run. Pairings were ready at 9, and the only delay for starting was checking that the teams had all checked in with coachs. There was minimal delay between rounds, and they even shut down one of the primary games, when it became clear that neither player was going anywhere with it, and called it a draw.

Coach's babies are sick. Three ear infections and one pink between the two of them. And one of the older girls has strep. So he was left quite early to be home with them. That allowed for the babies to come home straight from the doctor while his wife picked up the medicine. We had plenty of parents today. There's one kid who can occasionally be a problem case, but the worst I got out of him today was two pens thrown inside of carried, and a pair of shoes filched and thrown.

And it's always kind of therapeutic to talk to other parents and hear them bitch about tuition, too. One of the other parents is an RN, and her entire salary goes straight to tuition every month. I suppose it's amazing that Flar and I can still get away without me having to go back to work.

Lessee... Tigger won three games, but he didn't get a trophy: they only gave out two categories of individual trophies, under 300 rated and overall. Tigger's rating is 566. The primary team took third place.

Critter only won one game. There were only four junior high teams, and TLS came in fourth by a half a game. So we teased Critter that if he had only won two games, they would have taken home a trophy. Light-heartedly, and only because he was teasing his friend who didn't win any games with the same thought. And not accurately, since only the top four individual scores count for the team. There were seven on the junior high team. The scores were 3.5, 3.0, 2.0 and 1.0. They had some pretty tough competition today.

I feel like I've gotten the chess tournament stuff down to a regular, organized routine, now.

But no matter, spending 8 hours in a gynasium with over a hundred kids can wear one down.

And now I'll tuck myself into bed and sleep late tomorrow.

The only thing on the list for tomorrow is putting away Christmas. If I get ambitious, I can fold laundry or open mail. Otherwise, that'll start me out on Monday.