December 28th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Slow evening

Lots of time to read email and live journal, so of course there isn't a whole lot to read. ;)

We went to the Brazillian steakhouse here. It was 50% more expensive than the place in Lexington. They've been open since March, so they've more experience at it. And they've got authentic costuming, imported from Brazil. The original concept included really evit looking knives for each of the servers, but it turns out the knives weren't suited to slicing meat to order. Our server showed us one of them -- and later, Flar noticed that it exactly matched the knife pictured in the ad for Nemesis.

There was a larger selection of meats/preparation, but no chicken hearts. There weren't any banana or cheese bread appetizers, but the salad bar was larger. And they had guarana in stock -- Antartica brand, one of the two brands that Flar likes. They didn't have Robanada (I think that's what it was called), but they had a tasty dessert topped with that creamy caramel sauce whose name is based on the word for milk. Yum.

Now we're back at the house, watching Big Trouble.

Tomorrow is Sunday, which means church around here. But since Mom and Dad are leaving the house at 7:45, they gave us the choice of going to the evening service and potluck, instead. Now if I can dig up a sleeping mask, I'll be set. The window in our room has flowers in it, so the blinds can't be lowered far enough to keep the light out in the morning.

We've been working on the leftovers in the fridge. The Papassito's leftovers are gone now, but there's still plenty of turkey and fixings. At least we didn't come home with leftovers tonight. Mom and Dad's fridge is really easy to overload with food.