December 16th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

post script

Well, at least I got all those pesky receipts out of my wallet and entered into quicken, as well as my recent checks. That just leaves Flar's checkbook, and the bills that came in over the last week to enter.

Tomorrow I have to call a client and ask about coming over to pick up a check. It seems that I misunderstood Flar on that one. I thought I was to call if it didn't come in. It turns out they don't cut the check until we call to ask for it.

So I think that for tomorrow, I'm going to plan to:
  • Finish posting bills
  • Clean off the sewing table
  • Make Flar's present
  • Move T's patches to his new gi
  • Call about and pick up client check
  • order Flar's new calendar

  • Bed now. Sleep good.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

Slow, but productive morning

I knocked out the bills I had waiting to post, and made three phone calls:
  • Asked my doctor's office to call in another month of Orthocylcen
  • Scheduled the termite guy to come re-inspect our property
  • gave Samaritan our insurance info AGAIN to refile a claim

Now to call the client to see if I can arrange to pick up a check, and for how much, so I can figure out how many bills to pay, besides the little ones that are due.

Which means I should have time for lunch, and maybe even to check in with Turnip.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

Why I love email

I just got off the phone. I just got through calling 14 kids to see if they will be coming to the tournament. Eliminated a few maybes, firmed up sleepover plans for half of my passengers, and need to re-contact about 4 tomorrow night.

Whew. I prefer email, where you only have to write stuff up once, email it to the crowd, and sit back waiting for feedback. Only we need a confirmed roster for the team, and are aiming for Wednesday night. That'll give Coach Thursday to get a check cut for the entry fee.

And we get to do it all again in January, when we take the team to a tournament that's the first Saturday after break. Whew.

Now to clean up my bedroom, wrap a couple of packages, and start sewing. Turns out clearing off the sewing table is easy -- the "mess" is a laundry basket of mending that I haven't gotten to, and easily moved aside to use the machine.