December 13th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Random Stuff

The quest for the fuzzy otter sticker is not yet over.

But I got some rather decent fuzzy otter stamped directly onto a holiday card in which to put his group gift. Which looks like twill be $50. I'm going to pick it up tomorrow after I get a cake for the kids.

Didn't get a check from Athenic. Need to bug them tomorrow.

Fed Bébé Beef Stroganoff for dinner tonight. there was heavy traffic on Nicholasville road between ManOWar and the drag-strip, so we hung out at Bébé's house awhile, first. The Beef Stroganoff was yummy, but I it was much better the time I used leftover tenderloin. The cut of beef does tell.

This will be the first day we've slipped since Sunday. That was the day I sat down with the boys and divided up the house, deciding which rooms to clean, when. Each night we clean an additional room, returning the already cleaned rooms to clean condition.

Sunday night we cleaned the kitchen. And I vanquished many dishes.

Monday we cleaned the family room, including vaccuuming.

Tuesday we cleaned the dining room, and carried down boxes from the Christmas closet. We've got two trees out now: the ceramic one with lights, that is transparent, colored pegs lit by a single 60 bulb on the inside. It's sort of the lite-brite of Christmas trees. And the miniature bottle brush, complete with miniature decorations.

Last night we put away all the clean laundry (which accounted for all the clothes, until Critter cleaned his room and added a quarter load of everything to the laundry) and cleaned the jacuzzi room.

The family room is the only room that got vaccuumed. But, I've swept the jacuzzi room and kitchen. And it needs to be daytime to properly clean the dining room floor.

But tonight I was determined to work on a Christmas present, by golly. Fuzzy otter stickers for the chess coach.

It seems I still need to work on technique, and acquire even more tools.

I've decided I want to get markers so that I can create multi-color stamps. And I want a fine-control glue pen to add embossing stickem to complicated drawings. And I want a stamping sponge for those stamps too darned complicated for the glue pen, to put a smallish haze of fuzz over all. Oh, and I found that the heat and stick worked best with pigment ink stamped on high-gloss with a simple design. (Raccoon feet, that is.) I haven't bought funnel pans yet, but I worked out a technique using some deep-sided drink trays I already have.

And I'm going to be content to have fuzzy otter stickers be an end-of-school gift.

We made a quick trip to Staples so that Criter could get report covers for school, and I was going to get another bookcase. Except that the day after Thanksgiving $10 bookcases are now $25. I figure they'll still be there after I've talked to Matt.

While the kids were at school today, I almost finished my Auntie shopping. I hit Wal-Mart before bowling, then Toys R Us and Zany Brainy after lunch with Demariana. For that matter, it almost sews up Christmas shopping. Which is a relief, since I need time at home to turn all the supplies into presents, and to wrap all of the presents.

  • Kids to School
  • update checkbook; post bills
  • clear off sewing table
  • start making Christmas presents.
  • Meijer, then Roy & Nadine's on the way to TLS.
  • Chess Club holiday party
  • Help Bébé decorate his house for Christmas.
  • work on Lincoln room and Master bedroom, in between all

Nighty night
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Afternoon update

You know that list of things to do that I wrote up last night?


We're going over to Bébé's tomorrow instead of tonight, and I've spent the morning/afternoon eating breakfast, reading yesterday's paper, and formatting the chess club roster to print. Twice, since the first time, I didn't notice that I'd managed to truncate some kids off the end during a copying step. But none of the bills are urgent yet, and we'll have time to clean rooms tonight instead of tomorrow. I did verify my guess from which bookstore Brody's wife would prefer the gift certificate for K, and that L would prefer candy melts, not chocolates, and that I can use a credit card to buy the gift certificate for Coach, and Flood has necessitated that I re-heel one of my boots. Fortunately, Meijer has a shoe repair. Hope they do heels. The place I used to patronize closed.

Gonna grab some lunch - leftover stroganoff, then scoot.

If I end up at school early, I'll sort coupons. Fun fun.
bundled up, walkabout, snow


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Chess Club Holiday party went well. I actually made fantastic time getting there -- I'd let time get past me (cooking food for a lunch I almost forgot to eat), and didn't leave the house until 3, when I normally leave to go straight there. I stopped at Meijer to buy a cake, and Nadine's to buy a gift certificate, and got there only 15 minutes late. In the rain, during the holidays. The trick is to completely avoid Nicholasville Road.

We handed out a bunch of flyers for the tournament in Cincy in a week, and I've already finished making out a phone list to split with Coach, to call the players and confirm who's coming, before sending in the roster.

Now if I could just get into the habit of updating the bowling records on they day we bowl...

Gotta remember to actually make the calls, though.

And now, to play Chez Dork.