November 20th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Monday and Tuesday

Looks like I may stay caught up electronically, at least for bit. This entry will bring me up to today, and I should be able to upload all the journal entries I have on my PDA tonight. Which I've done. And now hope to hotsync nightly.

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Tomorrow, I'll be taking Critter to a doctor's appointment in the morning. He's been coughing since he read the Dave Barry book until 1am, and it's not improving. The plan is to drop by Knight's on the way to watch some of Buffy and Angel that I haven't seen yet, and then to take Critter to school after his appointment. Once I get home, I can continue pushing the laundry queue and maybe even get some bills paid.

We've decide to go ahead and fix my car, as it doesn't look like ordered a new car can happen before the end of the year. Sigh. But it will be nice to get my own car back again - driving other people's cars tends to irritate me rather quickly. So I've got to call Powers and authorize them to put in the used transmission they located. And maybe I'll have my car back by the weekend...
bundled up, walkabout, snow

A nifty tool

It's kind of like a really big bottle opener. Or a very tiny crowbar. The pharmacist has this tool that will split open a child-proof cap, separating the outer, annoying ring from the inner, actually useful cap.

Backing up a bit.

Critter has been coughing since he read the Dave Barry book. He attributes it to laughing too much. I thought it might have something to do with staying up until (now he tells me) 3am to finish it. Today, his doctor says it's more likely he picked it up from school. Whatever started it, it settled into his lungs, and the official diagnosis is bronchitis, with a prescription for Phenergan with codeine and ceflaclor.

I got him in school in time to miss only three classes, and well before lunch, since the middle school eats last. The school nurse tucked 5 of the ceflaclor into a medication envelope (not entirely dis-similar from the ones used by the vet, or for that matter, the envelopes they put tiny screws into at Ace, but this one was white) so that I could take home the pills, and was going to give him his cough syrup while I was there, so I could go ahead and take the bottle with me today.

None of us could open it. The nurse thought it was because she had just put on lotion, but I couldn't open it, either. Even Christopher tried, with no success. We finally gave up on giving him his first dose before school is out, and I went by CVS on the way home. The pharmacist tried to open it, then took his nifty took to the cap. Once the inner cap was exposed, he still had trouble opening it -- he'd closed it too tight to begin with. He offered to replace the child-proof cap, but I opted to keep just the inner cap. We don't have kids at home that don't know any better, and at school, it will be under the supervision of the nurse.

Before going to the doctor, we dropped by Knight's and watched one episode of Buffy. He predicted I wouldn't be happy watching just one of the three Angels that are piled up, so I accepted his judgement. I hope to be able to go by after bowling tomorrow, and watch more.

At home, I fixed myself lunch, moved the laundry through the queue, and folded two baskets of last (and this) week's laundry. I also gave the dogs their heartworm medicine, and some edible Nylabones, which totally disappeared within 10 minutes. The laundry was in a longish wait for the dryer, so I decided to come in and read email and live journal and mock-nap.

I'm working on the seams for the sweater, now. I've sewn both underarm seams and both shoulder seams, and now I'm working on one of the sleeves. I should definitely have this sweater done by Thanksgiving. I don't know if I'll have the throw finished for Gaucha by the next time that Flar goes to Brazil, however.

Flar just got back from a lunch meeting with a signed retainer contract in hand. This will go a long way toward improving cash flow, but there are still some deals necessary before we can take on a car loan. So I called Powers this morning to get them started on putting a used transmission in my mini-van. I might have it back by this weekend. Yay!

Looks like there's just enough time to move the laundry another step, before heading over to school to pick up the boys.