October 27th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

My weekend, including Ouchy updates

Saturday was a busy, long day. I got up early, to drive out to Versailles and pick up Tigger. I got him to the bowling alley Just In Time to bowl. They were having the halloween party, so there were lots of yummy sweets, and even milk and apple juice and cider (not the hard kind ;).

After bowling, we drove straight home and picked up Critter and Flar, to go back out and get Ouchy. She's in an ehmir sling, which is supposed to keep her back right leg in one position, to allow the hip joint to heal properly. But scotties have such short femurs, that she's been kicking kind of loose of it -- and did so at the vet's. She said that the best we could do would be to keep her quiet and hope for the best on that. She sent her home with a a vial of antibiotic pills, a vial of painkillers, and a couple of cans of the special food they feed animals just getting back on solids. It's extremely easy to digest, and fairly yummy. We got lots of instructions about her care, and Critter has been doing the lion's share of that over the weekend.

When we brought her home, she growled when Flood tried to greet her, and didn't react much at all to Dizzy. While I was out tonight, she apparently growled at Dizzy, too. So we're going to keep them separated until she's fully recovered. I think it's mostly pain making her grouchy.

Once I'd gotten everyone settled at home, with Critter taking care of Ouchy, and Flar and Tigger busily building a barricade in front of the spot we found that Dizzy could squirm through the fence, I went out on errrands. My list included Wal-mart, Sam's and CVS, but got the party store and Incredipet added in, when my shopping trip started to seem more and more like a scavanger hunt. One item ended up on the Kroger's list for later this week. But I have all the supplies I need for the Halloween costumes (unless I need more white fabric paint), almost everything I wanted for the trip to Hedo, and various other necessities, like 9 volt batteries for the fire alarms.

I got home later than I'd planned, and found out the Halloween party to which we were invited was earlier than what Flar had remembered. But Flar was quite agreeable to me taking a soaking bath anyway, and arriving two hours late turned out not be at all unreasonable for this party.

Part of the benefit of going to someone else party, beside not having to have the house all clean, and not having to worry about invitations and food and the like, is that I could recycle an old costume. But then, when I got to thinking about what to wear as a vampire, I decided that black gets tired, and I went as a red-headed vampire. Ecru leggings, peach and burgundy leather vest (in fact, the one pictured here, but without the blouse beneath it), and a cape made from peach velour, lined with salmon velour. Flar is great at not noticing details, so he didn't notice that I put on a thin layer of white cream makeup to pale up my face. Note to self: a hot soaking bath is not the best way to generate properly vampirish pale cheeks. ;)

The party was fun. We had only met the couple who were hosting it (at Inish's birthday party last winter), but I didn't feel all awkward about meeting strangers. I think it's because I had a costume on, and didn't have to worry about being me. I think it's also because this was a group of mostly alternative sorts of folks, where I didn't have to feel particularly weird about anything about me. There were a bunch of pagans and SCAdians and the like, mostly. Someone had a brought a bottle of mead that tasted almost like champagne, and there were jello shots, so there was the fun of doing tongue exercises in a crowd... Lots of harmless flirting all around. About the only things I didn't care for were the strongish smell of pot, emanating from one of the back rooms were there was a bong (other than the smell, the pot use was very discreet -- and Flar couldn't smell it: I'm just sensitive); and the Very Annoying Drunk, who both spilled scotch on my cape, and dropped his (thankfully unlit) pipe on my foot. That all happened when it was late enough to be time to head home anyway, so I didn't have to spend the rest of the party trying to avoid him.

This morning, I got to stay in bed late enough to feel well rested. We read the paper (delivered by Critter) in bed, and then I got up and set all the clocks downstairs, and read email and live journal before dressing to go out for brunch at Golden Corral. I had steak and scrambled eggs and mac n cheese and dessert. Yum.

In the afternoon, I made a gift card for demariana (I'd waffled all week over what I wanted to get for her, and ended up letting her decide), then started in on making luggage tags for Knight, Flar, Gaucha and I. Then it was time for the birthday party.

We talked for a longish time, and ate yummy snacks, then it was time for demariana to open presents. After that, we played Chez Geek. Spydielives started the game with a strong opening, including a Nookie card that was worth 5 slack points. She had lots of interesting Whenever cards to set the game off to a rousing start; it was pretty fun. I started out with an easy slack goal of only 16 points. I ended up getting a different job, with a slack goal of 18 points, and came within 2 points of my goal, but I had to leave before the game was over, to get home before the kids' bedtime.

We read three more chapters of The Horse and His Boy, and then I sat down to catch up on two days of email and live journal.

Then Flar and I sat down and talked about our upcoming vacation, while there's still sort of a lull in at home chores.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my ear doctor, then I need to start in on working on Tigger and Critter's Halloween costumes. I've also got a smallish project to make for Gaucha, and three days of bills to add to the almost-up-to-date books, and similar updates to make to the chess club records. So tomorrow will be a bookkeeping day.