October 24th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

It's been a hard year

That's what Tigger said on the way home.

From the AAA Afterhours Emergency veterinary clinic.

Ouchy was hit by a car right in front of our house tonight. It was pitch black out, and the scotties are black. They had both somehow managed to get out of the fence. Flar had just heard them barking in the front yard, and right as he opened the front door, he heard the car hit her. There was made rushing around for flashlights and wagons and shovels...

Flar thought she was dead, when he first felt her, and looked into her eyes - wide open, staring, unresponsive to the light. There was apool of blood under her. When he went to move her, using the shovel to provide a flat surface, onto the wagon, she woke up and moved. So instead of sadly moving her somewhere to keep her safe for burial, we instead rushed her to the afterhours clinic. Flar thinks it took about 30 seconds for us all to pile into my car with Ouchy on Critter's lap.

They wouldn't let Critter stay with her at the vet. There were three other animals in the treatment room at the same time, all in serious condition. I think they don't want others there because animals in pain are unpredictable; I don't know.

By the time we left, Ouchy was able to wag - well, move - her tail, and move her head around. Her breathing sounded hard but steady, and she wasn't whimpering. She was trying to sleep it away like all minor annoyances that Scotties encounter.

Only this isn't minor. Her upper jaw was fractured. Her sinuses are probably injuried. There is air outside her lungs - but that doesn't seem to be increasing. Her liver function test showed elevated levels, which means that surgery will have to wait for that to subside. They don't do that sort of surgery at the AAA, anyway; that's for our regular vet to perform, or refer.

When I talked to the vet after midnight, she said that Ouchy was able to stand on all four legs, which indicates she probably didn't get any fractured legs. The worries are about her head, and internal injuries.

I'll be taking her from AAA to Nicholasville Road Animal Hospital in the morning, where they'll tell me what the next step is.

I just got through writing a note in email to Christopher's teacher so that she would know what was going on, without Christopher having to tell her. I'll be printing that out for him, since I don't know how often she checks her email, and writing up something for Timothy to take to his teacher, as well.

It's been a very hard year.
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An update on Ouchy

Since my reply to each of the comments to my last post would have been to right this out to them, I'm just posting it, instead.

Ouchy is currently resting quietly at the vet, with an IV for fluids. She is expected to remain at least overnight.

We are waiting to see if her liver function will get better, so that she can be sedated for diagnostic surgery -- essentially they have to manipulate her mouth to see if the bones are broken, or whether the trauma is all soft-tissue trauma. Our vet can operate on the latter, but an orthopedic veterinary surgeon would be required for the former, which would mean transporting her to either Louisville or Cincinatti. I think it will be tomorrow before we will know more.

The good news is that none of her ribs or legs were broken, and there is no current indication of internal injury, other than the pneumothorax, which doesn't appear to be getting worse or causing distress, and the liver function tests, which may indicate bruising of the liver.

And on the bright side for Ouchy, when she's able to come home, she'll be coddled and pampered and get to eat soft wet food for a long time.

Critter has taken this very hard. Tigger has been a brick -- he's upset, but he's been trying to comfort Critter, too.

For those of you reading between the lines of my daily goals and then updates, you'll realize I've been meaning to work on bills for weeks, but keep putting it off, or only doing parts. I finished as much as I can today, and just printed 25 checks. And Flar is still expected more client money (that is over 30 days past due now; gee so are we on some of our bills) by next week. If all goes extremely well, we'll be caught up and ahead before we leave for vacation. Last night, we called my mom to tell her what was going on with Ouchy and so that Critter could talk to her. This morning, Flar tells me that she called and offered to pay any hospital bills she may incur. That, having the books up-to-date, and having an idea of what accounts receivable look like have dramatically improved my outlook on paying bills.

Wolf always tells me that it's going to all work out somehow. And it always does.

Tonight is the first pre-vacation activity for me: trying on clothes to decide what to wear. I'm planning on a soaky bath first, to wash away staying up too late last night.

Thank you, everyone who commented about Ouchy. We'll keep praying for her.
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