October 16th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

short update

I didn't get the bills finished yesterday, so that's on today's palate. I *did* get the laundry sorted and started, so I'll be taking breaks from the bills to keep that moving.

At one point, I decided to get the Palm OS programming book back out and give it a go. The linker in Code Warrior is balking at opening the file temp file. I thought I had a lead on how to fix it -- thought it was just a naming problem, and found a reference to it in usenet archice -- but that didn't pan out.

There's no technical support for Code Warrior Lite, and it doesn't support USB cradles, so I'd have to buy a USB-serial cable if I wanted to used the debugger, and now I can't seem to get past this file problem. Code Warrior's ridiculously expensive for dilettante ex-programmer. So for now, I'm continuing to depend on finding close enough fits in already existing shareware. And maybe eventually I'll get around to tackling it again, without the full-blown developemnt environment tools, and just the old-fashioned compiler/linker tools. Surely I can find those cheap enough for a dilettante.

My first idea for an application had been to automate my car records. I record gallons and mileage at each fill-up, and thought it would be nifty to have MPG automatically calculated, as well as have mileage-based reminders inserted into my datebook once the mileage came up. The goal was to learn how to write Palm OS applications, and get this app written before I get a new car.

It turns out that there are many apps already out there from which to choose, ranging from $2.50 - $20. And many of them store information like insurance and the like. I didn't see any mention of keeping track of tire serial numbers, which would make my irregular trips to Wal-Mart for new tires a bit more organized. Right now, I toss the whole sheaf of receipts at them, to riffle and pluck out the proper one that shows the tire has Road Hazard Insurance paid on it. The problem is figuring out how the tire position at time of RHI purchase relates to when I've had the tires rotated and balanced. Ah well: whenever I get around to getting a new car, it'll have four brand new tires, and whatever insurances the tires come with from the factory.

Dinner was hamburger helper last night. We tried cheesy enchiladas for the first time, and added black beans to make it seem more complete. It was yummy. And a nice change of pace from the usual beef and noodles fare out of the hamburger helper boxes.

Knight and Ro are finally back: yay!

I couldn't remember when they were due back, and kept getting "Message 1" from Cingular when I tried Knight's phone. But that should be fixed by tomorrow, I'm thinking, and I got to talk to Ro on the phone, and saw Knight and watched Buffy.

Then I took Werthers to the vet. Anyone who knows Werthers knows what an affectionate, agreeable cat she is. But ohmigosh. First she got the treat of NOT being dumped out of the car this morning when she got into it. Then, since I was late for her appointment and had to wait while more punctual patients where seen first, she got to be held for 30 minutes. Big soft purr machine. She was still for being weighed: 9 pounds, BTW. Purred for the vet while she felt up her kidneys and checked out her coat and ears. Seemed mildly annoyed about having her teeth checked. I couldn't tell what she thought about having her eyes checked out, since the vet held her head in such a way that her ears were already laid back. But she didn't even look behind for her first shot, and only fliched a little at the second. I officially have a perfectly healthy, floppy furry purring machine. Who doesn't mind the vets office at all. It kind of helps that the four dogs that came and went in the waiting room all pretty much ignored her, and didn't even whine, much less bark. I think she's busily growing her winter coat, because she didn't even shed much on me -- Flood sheds more than Werthers does.

And speaking of Flood, I weighed her this morning, muddy coat and all. She weighs 45 pounds. She and the Scotties have been spending their time in the rainy backyard digging holes -- or bunkers, as Flar describes them. So their afternoon indoor time is unfortunately being spent in the crate. Once the weather turns drier, I'll get the boys to bathe them and dry them, and they'll get indoor privileges extended again.

Well, enough fooling around: back to paying bills.