October 15th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow


Pure and simple.

I hate paying bills. But mostly because of the juggling figures that is required by unpredictable income at unpredictable intervals. I keep hearing there will be money coming in, but it's not here yet, and we keep slipping behind.

I got the checkbook balanced and up-to-date except for the latest deposit and any checks in Flar's active checkbook, and there's enough to make the payments I want to make at the bank tomorrow, and pay a bunch of bills, but I want to know exactly how much before I spend it all.

At the ear doctor this morning, I felt pretty okay -- about like I do now. Until he vaccuumed my ear, and I'm pretty sure pulled away some scabbing material. Damn it hurt. And dizzy? It doesn't help that I'm wearing my boots for third time of the season, so I'm still not used to the heels again. Flar says Gaucha has found a place to make my elf boots, so I'll have flats to wear in the cold, soon.

Anyway, he said to keep using the drops, and then described how to irrigate my ear with a solution of distilled water and vinegar. I bought an ear syringe on my way out, but I haven't tried it yet. Gotta do that once a day, so I'll start tomorrow, that's the ticket.

Watching Angel was interesting this morning. Oh, the show was great, but using the PVR at Knight's and Ro's wasn't simple. I selected Angel from the menu. And I got Charmed. Fortunately, Angel was after Charmed in that selection, but it was still annoying to have to forward through an hour of programming to find what I wanted to watch.

Sydb found an article on Yahoo about research showing that natural red-heads need 20% more anesthesia to be put under properly. I'd like to see them do other research on traits linked to red hair. Like healing slowly and the like...

I made Chicken and Dumplings for dinner tonight, and the dinner was late enough that instead of watching a movie during dinner, after I ate my portion, I started reading Narnia early. We're reading The Silver Chair now. I've found a nifty voice for Puddleglum. Well, nifty in that I have this tendency to read all of the Narnia book with a vaguely English accent, and Puddleglum sounds more like Tracey Ullman doing an American accent, and then imitating Eeyore, but without the bass register.

We left our intrepid adventurers about to enter Harfang, the abode of the Gentle Giants.

Meanwhile, I've finished the back, left front, right front, pocket linings and one pocket band on the sweater. What's left are two sleeves, the front band (including learning how to make button holes), the other pocket band, and lots of sewing. Flar finally remembered to get the ball of yarn that was used during the service, today. I'll be using that for the sleeves, and what finishing it will cover. I may end up having to buy one last skein of yard. We'll see.

Tomorrow, bowling with Tuesday Tigers in the morning, and then the bank to make two loan payments, and then home to wrangle more bills. Maybe even if I have to juggle and leave things unpaid or delayed, I can at least catch up and then keep up with keeping things neatly posted and filed. Or at least tucked away into envelopes marked "stuff to file".

Now for sleep.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Mood swings

I'm in a proper good mood today.

I woke up with a headache, but it's mostly receding. I found the piece of paper with a scribbled notation of how much Flar deposited the other day; it was posted-it to his checkbook, which I had tucked away with the bank papers.

I thought up another gift for Sydb, then successfully remembered what it was rather just the store it was in.

I successfully remembered the joke I'd been saving as Knight's substitute at bowling today. There's this other bowler that Knight always tell jokes to, and when Knight's out of town, I'm his subsitute.

I bowled over my average today, even though my team lost all four points.

And I get yummy chicken and dumplings for lunch. Will it be enough to overcome my aversion to continuing work on the bills? Maybe. We'll see.
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