October 3rd, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Yesterday :)

Okay, so it's only been today for 16 minutes. Tough. I decided to download Phoenix and start using it for entries. I'd noticed that the update journal page was slow and occasionally missed keystrokes, when run under Netscape 6. But the final straw was when I noticed that it seems to be getting the timestamp wrong now. Humph.

Lessee. When I woke up, and throughout the afternoon, my ear felt pretty icky. It's actually feeling a little better now, but I wonder what laying down and trying to sleep will do. I've made an appointment for Friday morning, which I can always cancel if I start feeling better.

I didn't get bills done today, but I did find all the paperwork that was hiding about the house and get it into one place. I'm thinking of bringing it with me to bowling for the initial sort, since I'll get there ultra early after dropping off the boys at school.

I knit; I read live journal and email; I waited around in the morning for the heating guy to come to do preventative maintenance. I skipped over to Knight's to watch this weeks' Buffy when the office called to let me know the technician would be out in the afternoon instead of the morning.

In the evening, Tigger read to me, then we made sausage gravy and biscuits for dinner. Which we ate while playing Risk, since Critter didn't have much homework. We had time to play for about 1.5 hours, and left the game set up. Right now, it looks like Tigger is wiping the board. He's got both Americas, and has succeeded in breaking Critter's hold on Africa and my hold on Asia. Which was, it being Asia, a weak hold. Critter had already taken Australia away from me, and he's split between armies in Indonesia and about 4 countries in Europe, after I took most of Australia back from him. The end game looks to be short if I take Critter while the cards are low, or long if I wait until the trade would do me the most benefit.

And now, going to bed, since morning comes too damn early.
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