September 26th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Not much more than a place-marker

Hey. I'm 41 now. Slept through the last 3 hours of it. I was like the cheese ravioli I had for dinner had sleeping drops in it. That kind of OH MY GOSH SLEEPY feeling.

Spent my birthday eve and morn in Louisville. Yummy food, good company.

Brought food to Field-Trip-Widow, cause ChessCoach accompanied the 6th grade on a 4 day field trip. Got to meet one of the twins, the other was sleeping.

Will update about the rest of the weekend later.

Haven't read email yet. Got birthday wishes in person and by phone from:

Sydb, Wolf, Mom, my brother, Flar, Knight & Turnip

Demariana dropped by bowling on Tuesday and wished me early happy, and of course those I saw on Sunday for my party wished me happy.

Gotta exercise, then dress for bowling now.