September 20th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Morning Update

Flood was good in obedience training yesterday. The instructor commented that she did the exercises well, and that I needed to learn them better. ;)

I was amazed at how far away from her I could walk, when she was in a sit-stay. Mind you, she'd already watched all the other dogs in class, so she knew what was expected of her. She seems to be pretty good at copying the other dogs. The other thing that was cool was that while other dogs where whining and even occasionally barking, she was very quiet.

After obedience training, Flar and I went through what we have in the freezers and pantry, and came up with a list of food to make for the next week, and the grocery list that it generated. I also read live journal and email, started a new stitch gauge for the sweater, and then went to bed EARLY.

This morning, Flood was horrible. She started to eat her food as soon as I put it down, but then followed me over to where I was feeding the scotties, and tried to get at their food. Meanwhile, Ouchy decided to go for Flood's puppy food, so when Flood came back, she jumped Ouchy. Then I think what happened was that Dizzy was going to show Flood who was boss and stop her, but Flood jumped Dizzy. I haven't seen her do this before. It means she's stopped excepting Dizzy as Alpha, and that won't do. I broke up the fighting, and I'm afraid it made them all leery of me. I took up ALL the bowls, then called Dizzy and Ouchy over to eat, set their food down, then called Flood over to her food. That seemed to work.

I'm going to start giving the scotties their food first, and see if that prevents the fights. What I'm not sure about, is the best way to break up the fighting, if it starts.


Todays goals:
  • grocery shopping
  • fold and put away laundry
  • finish clearing off the massage table

Today is the first day of chess club after school. It will meet every Friday, unless there is early dismissal or no school, until the end of April.