September 19th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

My day, a bit late.

I took Flood to school today.

Flar woke the boys and got them ready for school this morning, since I was driving them. This gave me time for exercise and a shower. But it also meant I forgot about not feeding Flood breakfast, or giving her ginger snaps 30 minutes before we left.

We gave her a ginger snap in the car, and either the trip was short enough now, or the last minute ginger snap helped. Either way, she didn't have any problem going or returning. After I dropped the boys off, I parked and walked Flood for half an hour, to let the kids settle into the classroom before we came in.

The circle rug is smaller now, as there is a new resource desk taking up some of the space in the that part of the room. I sincerely hope that Mrs. S. will be getting one of the new classrooms after they are built. She really needs the room. Two of Tigger's classmates are allergic to dogs, so they had to stay in chairs. But the rest of the class formed a circle on the floor, and all of them got to pet Flood and be licked by her.

Flood was very well behaved, and loved all of the attention. She even did a pretty good impression of heel, while I was walking her in and out of the school building. Even with all of the distractions for her -- all those children!

I didn't get a whole lot done at home today, but I did get some rest. I researched knitting patterns online, and found one that Flar likes. He's going to double check with his dad about which size would be most appropriate; meanwhile I can knit the stitch gauge to figure out which needles to use. I usually need a larger needle than the pattern calls for, as I keep a fairly strong tension on the yarn.

Flood and Ouchy got into Yet Another Tiff today, but I had the misfortune to be in the middle of it before I could stop them. I've got a doozy of a bite on my thumb, which was intended for somebody's tough neck.. Right now, I don't know if I'll be able to bowl with it -- typing is a b****. But I'll see how it feels tomorrow. Both dogs were rather firmly disciplined, and I'm planning to crack down on growling much more fiercely, so that fights don't escalate to snapping anymore. Dizzy and Ouchy have just spent too many years playfighting, and now they've taught Flood bad habits.

My battery arrived today for my laptop. Yay!

I finally finished the setup stuff for bowling, so the rest of the time, it should be back to 15 minutes at the computer a week. Tomorrow I can take the sanction application by the bowling association secretary's house on the way home from bowling.

Flar got a call today from a potential client. They saw his company name listed as a mentor for another client, who was profiled in the business section of the paper. Go good press!

I sent a note off to the chess coach today, letting him know I'd be there Friday, and giving him the opportunity to ask me for any help before then. He responded with a letter that asking how we're all doing. My response ended up being something like an annual Christmas letter, only imagine if Christmas came three times a year. Summer vacation is a longish time on which to catch up, and this particular summer had a lot of stuff happening.

I made the onedish dinner suggestion on the side of a pasta side dish box tonight: just added onions, chicken and tomatoes. Then I decided to experiment with ranch dressing, thinned with water, as a sauce to cook veggies in. I got 75% success -- Tigger didn't like them, even after adding melted cheese. But Critter liked them, before and after the added cheese; he finished off his brother's portion.

We watched the Bonus Features for Monsters, Inc. tonight. There's a lot of pretty neat material on the disk.

While we were watching TV, I sorted through my knitting needles. I don't know where I've put my knitting gauge. I was thinking it would be nice to label the envelopes in which I've stored circular needles (no nailhead on which to imprint a size number), but I didn't see it in any of the likely hiding places. Ah well, it'll show up the next time I go into a cleaning frenzy.

Gotta do better about bedtime tomorrow. Maybe nap in the afternoon...
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Early day, before the busy part

Bowling this morning...

Grace wasn't bowling today, and the team we played also had a member absent, so there were only four of us bowling. My thumb injury didn't prevent me from bowling; in fact, I did rather well: 148, 143 and 160.

In contrast, another set of teams didn't finish up until much later than usual, due to frequent problems with the pinsetters. I have to stick around to pick up the recap sheets. Well, really, I *could* have handed off the envelope to one of remaining bowlers, but I didn't think of that until now. I didn't have a set deadline of somewhere to be, and there was a yummy lunch special, so I ate lunch while I was waiting.

After I deposited the bowling fees, I went by and picked up the trophies we'd ordered for the Scooby Gang. I checked them over carefully, including making sure all of the names were right. And then when I got home, I noticed that they were the round inserts, not the nifty oval movement inserts. Oh well, they're still nifty, and mine is already on the mantel in the family room.

Turnip called just as I got to the trophy store, so I called him back and had a nice chat with him on the way home, and at the house. I let the dogs in for couch time, then put them back outside *before* they needed to go, and sat down to discover that I can knit while I'm reading live journal and email. I just have to put the needles down to type replies. :)
I'm dropping the sanction application off with the association secretary's on my way to pick up the boys, then after school we've got reading, dinner prep and reminding them about trash ans recycling. I ended up doing that myself, last week. This week I hope to go to bed early after I get home from taking Flood to obedience training.

And will probably achieve that goal if I refrain from getting back into Livejournal again when I get home. :)
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