September 6th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Playing Hooky

This first time, was when my maternal grandfather passed, and I stayed away from work -- and went to school with GGG instead. A graduate course in database structures. It was early in the semester, so I could contribute materially to class discussion, and shut out my entire everyday world and the loss of my Pappaw. Okay, so the wine cooler helped.

Today I let Prez take the checkbook, asked her to refuse money from anybody, as we have enough in the account to cover a day of bowling without a new deposit. And then slept the morning away, as it turns out all the plans for today had been made without me in the picture. But I really wasn't up to being with all those people who would be sympathetic. Tomorrow I'll bowl a makeup game that's been scheduled since before I went to CA the second time. But that'll only be me, Grace and Knight. I can handle that.

We ate dinner with Flar's brother's family tonight. We brought the meat, they did all the work. Flar and his brother and father planned out the funeral service details, getting into things like who rides in which limos and stuff.

The visitation is "tomorrow" which is to say Friday. The funeral home is Kerr Bros. on Harrodsburg road, north of Palomar. I can give better directions to anyone who wants to come by - just email before noon or call my cellphone.

The visitation is from 6-8 pm on Friday. The funeral is at 10am on Saturday, followed by a graveside service at Lexington Cemetary and a reception at Flar's folks house.

Right now, death is not just about the grief and loss. It's about the details and the planning.