August 26th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Awake now


I didn't realize that the sleepover had taken so much out of me, until I got home from emptying out Cinder's apartment. I was too tired to do more than sit, read, eat and fall asleep in the family room.

I got up at 8am to fix breakfast for the boys. No takers on anything fancy -- they all chose cereal, but they wouldn't have bothered to eat without me nudging them, so it was just as well that I was up. I sat and read while they played upstairs, and cautioned them about noise levels a few times. The second or third time it got loud, and included the phrase "you hit me," I went up and had them turn off the playstation. I told them they were welcome to play any other games in the house, and to figure out how to be more quiet. They apparently created a live action shootemup, using some of the toy guns. The arguments were quieter, and apparently revolved around how to determine whether shots had landed. Eventually I let them turn the playstation back on, after they'd been playing quietly enough and then asked nicely.

Flar woke up around 11 and took over. I decided I needed a bath, since the rest of the day after the sleepover was planned out. I had a nice long bubble bath, with time to soak clean and relax a bunch of muscles. So relaxed in fact, that after I got out of the tub, I laid down for a nap. Turns out I should have been napping all along.

Ro woke me before I was very asleep. She was heading over to Cinder's, so I got and dressed to join her. I took Critter to help with carrying. We emptied out the place, and then Flar helped me figure out where to put the stuff I was storing, when we got home.

We had talked about going to a movie with Ro and Knight, but I was still kind of sleepy, and once I sat down again I discovered a bunch of body aches. So, when Flar said he was too sleepy to go out for a movie himself, we called up and bowed out. Then Flar fixed a nice glazed chicken stirfry. We ate in the family room, watching the tail end of Jimmy Neutron, and then this weird movie about kids in Canada. It somehow involved building a rocket, but I don't really know how it turned out, since I nodded off before it got well started.

Today I've got an appointment with my ear doctor at 10:45, and then I'll come back home and get the boys to take them out for haircuts. I need to call around to the ladies on the Rookettes, and see if I can get the teams settled enough to turn in sheets for T to build the league. And there's two weeks of laundry to do, including all the jacuzzi towels in the house....

But I think that close to 12 hours worth of sleep has to have helped.