August 23rd, 2002

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Pat on the Back

Well, good gracious me.

How long has it been since I've managed to complete so much of my list? I still have calling to do with regard to the bowling teams, and more unpacking, but otherwise I got everything on the list done. Whee!

We got a rather late start to the day; I slept in until almost 11am. It was a nice change.

The boys had been up awhile, but they hadn't bothered to eat anything for breakfast yet, so I made them pancakes. After breakfast, they helped me clean the jacuzzi room and kitchen and family room. We de-cluttered, swept, vacuumed and mopped (except the family room, which has carpet). After the rooms were clean, we made a shopping list, and went to Sam's, the spa place and Kroger, eating a late lunch at Taco Bell on the way.

We are now fully stocked for the party, and have the chemicals I need to add to the jacuzzi, for filling it. I don't bother to report my coupon savings, as they're nothing to complete with Demariana or even Sydb, but I made my typical 20% savings with Kroger Plus and coupons.

At home, Tigger helped me keep track as I called the guests who hadn't RSVPed yet for his party. We netted one new guest, which isn't bad this close to the party. It looks like there will be 11 guests plus Tigger. We got the jacuzzi filled, and then Knight and Ro came by so Knight could diagnose the problem with the TV in the family room. Unfortunately, it's not something simple like a fuse. But Knight and Ro have an extra TV that they're going to loan us, so the kids won't be without a TV for the sleepover, and we can wait until there's a super duper sale to replace the set.

And now it's time to get some sleep for the night, since tomorrow will be a very long day.
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