August 17th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Mother and Child: Day Eight

A very long day.

My ear didn't prevent me from sleeping last night, and in fact, didn't hurt. So I didn't push seek out help from my family practitioner, when I couldn't get an appointment today with my ear doctor. Now, it hurts. Seems like it's going to be a late night thing. I did make an appointment, but it's for a week from Monday. It's going to be an interesting week.

Helped Cinder pick up the truck: it took two tries, since the first time, we couldn't leave with it: The credit card was in California, and the office there hadn't called the office here with the approval numbers.

It's a feature: when I'm going out of town, I'd rather clean than work. I cleaned the foam work rugs -- they gave up an amazing amount of dirt; I finished cleaning the family room, and I made a rather good effort at the kitchen table.

I cleared off the mail table. No, I didn't vanquish the bills, but I sorted out what needs paying now, and tucked the rest away where they aren't precarious piles waiting to be altered by random chance.

I've sorted out catalogs for Cinder and magazines for Sydb. I went to the coupon swap, got some particularly useful coupons, and clipped everything I still had unclipped. I can sort and cull on the road.

I talked to Turnip for two hours. Perhaps not the best use of my time today, but then I'll be roaming when I'm on the road, and long conversations will be expensive. So, better today. Turnip added an error to my list, and assuming Bear does the shopping successfully, I'll be bringing him fireworks. Which means that I'll be getting to see Turnip while I'm there for the short trip, as well as later for Worldcon.

I haven't packed. My ear hurts. I haven't gotten as much sleep as I should. But I feel ready *enough* for the trip. :)
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