August 14th, 2002

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On the naming of cats. Er, people that is...

I use nicknames for many people in my journal. Occasionally I'll throw in a single letter when I hadn't thought of a nickname. Tonight I decided on Grace for a nickname, and thought I'd comment on some of the nicknames I use.

So I occasionally mention L in my journal. The more often I mention someone, the stronger my desire to find a nickname to use for them in my journal. So I got to thinking about a nick for L. She runs a dog-walking service, so what came immediately to mind was Heinlein's short story, We Also Walk Dogs. Which led me to choose Grace for her nickname.

Turnip named himself. He joined a regional mailing list to which I subscribe, in order to read some of the stuff that I talk about in our phone conversations. The list has a new-member introduction questionaire. One of the questions asks the new member to tell something unusual about himself or herself. He wrote "I am a Turnip." Thus, he picked his own nick.

I started calling my first son Critter in the hospital when we were alone together. The name has stuck, and he even has it as an email id now. I wanted a nickname with a similar quality when we had our second child, and came up with Tigger. That was taken by the time we got him his own email address, so we went with adding the initial of our surname to it.

Flar picked his nick as an email address, when he wanted one not directly associated with his name.

Knight and Ro and Wolf and Sydb are shortened versions of their Live Journal ids. Many of the other nicknames I use are based on email addresses or live journal names.

I chose the Live Journal name Minikin for myself because my Master often calls me Little One, and that name was taken. I searched around for a synonym, and found this on a thesaurus trek. It essentially means "little one."›

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Mother and Child: Day Five

Today was a Very Good Day.

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We got out of the house on time, including feeding & walking the dogs, and talking to Farmer and Helper. They didn't mention the brief glimps e. I didn't bring it up. ;)

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We went on home, walked the dogs, had leftovers for lunch, and then Tigger read four pages of Howliday Inn to me. I realized that I was starting to get a mild headache, so Tigger suggested I take a nap to get rid of it. I ended up getting three phone calls during my nap, but I think the rest did me good. I got up in time to skim email and live journal, and then it was time to leave for Non-Burley Bowling.

I dropped Tigger off at Knight and Ro's, to spend the evening with Kittybane. I sent along three Red Baron individual pizzas, so that he contributed something to his dinner. I figured we hadn't discu ssed food, so it would be reasonable to provide at least part of the meal.

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After our phone call, I went to pick up Tigger. H e'd practically started off the evening with a bouncing energy that gained him what will no doubt become a black eye. When I got there, he was intensely occupied with a NeoPets game, but as soon as it was over, he was bouncing me and hugging me. When he realized that I'd let myself get caught up in yet another episode of the Jim Belushi sitcom that Knight and Ro were watching, he went back to play with Kittybane some more.

Once we got home, Tigger headed straight for bed and sleep, and I sat down for t he final email and livejournal round for the evening.

  • the Hot Springs spa guy will look at the jacuzzi
  • I need to finish the laundry
  • I need to tackle the bills
  • I need to vanquish the kitchen clutter
  • We stil l haven't gotten haircuts or gone to the pool
  • It's starting to creep up on time to think about packing for CA, trip one.

I haven't heard from Turnip in over a week. Need to find out what's going on with him.

Knight and I are talking a bout seeing Eight Legged Freaks at the Bourbon drive-in in Paris on Thursday. Okay, there's just something deliciously fun about the phrase Bourbon drive-in in Paris. I need to talk to Random to see if Eight Legged Freaks is the kin d of movie I think it is -- in which case, the drive-in seems like the most appropriate way to watch it. Like when we watched Godzilla 2000. I can't imagine watching that flick anywhere else. ;)tQ
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Mother and Child: Day Six

We didn't leave the house today. Well, except to walk dogs.

I decided that the mess level in the house was entirely unacceptable. So I cleaned: I finished the laundry and folded it and put all of it away. There are work towels in the washer now, wa iting for the kitchen floor to be mopped. Then I swept, vacuumed, and mopped the jacuzzi room/laundry room floor. Tigger dried the floor for me, as I mopped.

The laundry room and jacuzzi room are officially clean. And tomorrow or Friday, the repair gu y should be able to fix the leaks in the jacuzzi. The uncertainty is due to my forgetting that I've arranged to pre-bowl for the Tuesday Tigers tomorrow at 9am, and told the Repair guy he could come back in the morning. I've already called and left a message asking them to call to re-schedule. Sigh.

I also vanquished the recycling and dishes waiting to be washed that were overloading the sinks in the kitchen. I'm down to one full load of clean dishes in the dishwasher, and tonight's dinner dishes i n the sink. The counters are clean, but the table is a wreck.

Then I moved into the family room. I've added a plastic bag liner to the leather ottomon, to keep the styrofoam pellets from escaping through the seams, and given it more styrofoam. And th e n swept the family of the larger pieces on the floor. After I reduce the number of TV trays next to my recliner by one, and clean up other miscellanae, the room will be ready to vacuum, before I go to bed.

Ooh, ooh, I got an R MA for the 24MB Compac t Fl as h card that we have for the camera, that got funky. Which means that for the price of postage, Lexar'll replace the card. :)

While walking the dog, I took some pictures of the Fence-In-Progress. Unfortunately, most of the pictures were out of focus (I've an open inquiry with Nikon over getting the auto-focus software fixed), so I only uploaded the ones that are actual ly clear at the larger size.

Also, everyone's heard the old standard "My dog ate my homework." But, "My dog ate her homework?"

I read one chapter of The Borrowers tonight. And let Tigger stay up to watch Gargoyles. He took turns with me at the broom, while I was pre-sweeping the family room, and handled the dustpan for me.

With Kittybane last night, Tigger checked in on his NeoPets, and t hey were apparently about to die from lack of care. So he spent some time today checking in on them again. And has decided to check on his NeoPets before playing games, anytime he has computer access.

(Update: Tried changing my encoding, but I'm still getting the added blanks - they can even affect coded links; I may have licked the added last character. I suppose I'll have to ask support about it.)

Tomorrow, out:
  • Taking Cinder to pick up the rental truck
  • Pre-bowling for the Tuesd ay Tigers
  • Post Office
  • Allergist
  • May be visiting Barbar

Tomorrow, at home:
  • vacuuming and mopping the kitchen floor
  • tackling the kitchen table
  • tackling mail & bills
  • getting the spa fixed?

Tomorrow, later: Date night with Knight. Possibly Eight Legged Freaks at the Bourbon drive-in in Paris...
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