July 16th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Learn but peace boy, ever the are.

This gets to be a much quicker update, since sydb42 wrote such a complete story of Roo's birth. Which I prompty put in my memories.

I'll be writing my own story of this beginning, including much personal reflection, but that must be later. For today I've provisions to fetch and dishes to clean. Sydb gets to stay at the hospital until I'm done with errands, and spell Wolf. Then about 30 minutes before we expect to get home, we're to call him, so he can start dinner cooking.

I'm thinking there'll be no objection that I took the time to get caught up on my reading and post a short update. After all, Sydb gets her mommy time, and Wolf and I have gotten "caught up" on sleeping.

Given the circumstances of her birth, I've decided that Roo was the guest of honor for this year's raccon day, and the shabbiest gift that Sydb brought home from the hospital (the only shabby one, really) is my old beatup beanie raccoon, that was my first raccoon.

Gotta update my web page with the new raccoon day facts. :)

Flar is a dear -- he's letting me stay here through the rest of week, since that's when I'm picking up Mom and Critter and Tigger at the airport. I was originally supposed to come home today and tomorrow to do bills paperwork and laundry, but I'll get caught up next week.

That's about it, but there'll be more depth, later.

Oh and, I really have to remember to listen more to my own mom.Ò