July 4th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

It's only been since this morning?

It's been a longish, busy day.

Flood woke me early. And I'd made the mistake of reading before sleeping. I was tired enough after walking her, that I didn't fix myself breakfast. It's hard to explain, but the effort of eating breakfast seemed to be linked in my mind to how many sets of comics I have available to read, right now.

After reading email, reading live journal, writing to live journal, I posted bills, and found only three that needed printing. Then I went about searching my harddrive for stuff I wanted to put on CD-ROM to use in my laptop. Once that was complete, it was time to wake Ted and get ready to go to MIIB.

I enjoyed it. I found myself laughing lots and lots. I enjoyed the short before the movie, too.

After the movie, we went to the allergist and the bank, then I set about finishing up my packing to go back to Louisville.

Somehow or other, by the time I left the house, I spent the rest of the afternoon in a rush. Rush hour traffic through town to return Demariana's iron, then back through town to visit Barbar.

She's much stronger today. I'm glad I made the time to see her, even though it was definitely *making* time, by the time I got away at all. Yesterday, it was hard for me to imagine her coming home from the hospital. Today she seems much stronger, and on the road to recovery.

I got home barely in time to get Flood into the car and drive to Wilmore. She was pretty well-behaved in obedience class. We learned lots of new stuff; I didn't feel *too* terribly behind from last week, but I think I've been skimping on how long to walk her when we practice "heel."

By the time I got to Louisville, I was working on a headache, and feeling generally hot and grubby. The shower fixed the hot and grubby feeling, but the headache is still there after excedrin and enough sitting up time that it should have worked. Nuts.

Flood asked Very Politely to please be allowed to sleep on the grass instead of her crate, so she's getting *one* practice run at it. If she's quiet through the night, and in the morning, and if there's no sign of "midnight madness," then I'll probably let her sleep in the yard while we're here.

And now to get myself to bed. No book tonight. And ample sleeping in opportunity in the morning.

It's nice to be back.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

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Why is it, that people who call other people the anti-christ, think that they are Christians?

Did they skip the part, where we're gone then??
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