June 30th, 2002

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Another day of domestic bliss. Except for that excitement in Wal-Mart, when Sydb thought maybe she'd had a contraction, but then not much came of it when we got home. I know Sydb is impatient for baby to come, and Wolf was so ready not to go back into work tomorrow. So there's a feeling of edgy anticipation in the air.

We had yummy food today, and saw a movie, and cleaned a bit in the living room, and Wolf remembered he had another hub, so I can be online while Sydb is online - in the same room.

But still no baby, and I think the wait is getting to Wolf.

Barbar is doing better, slowly, but there is the usual problem with medications -- the IV glucose raised her blood sugar too high; the insulin lowered it too much, but they apparently have that st raightened out again. And Bebe is frustrated, because he tries to tell them what he's learned from previous hospital visits, but he's only an untrained husband, no medical training, so the doctors and nurses ignore him.

The boys are enjoying Texas. Critter has sent me a note telling me his email address on msn, and Granmommy sent me a recipe that I left at home. I don't know if we'll be making it this week, however, since Wolf and Sydb have already shopped for groceries.

The obedience class is on W ednesday this week, since Thursday is a holiday, so I planned to go home mid-Tuesday and come back after the obedience class, rather than make two trips this week. I don't have much laundry or errands to occupy me while I'm home -- just going through the mail, filling out insurance forms and possibly depositing client checks. I hope to have time to copy munches from the desktop to a CD for putting onto this machine. We'll see.

Meanwhile, trying to help Sydb and Wolf prepare without going bonkers with the waiting.

A challenge, I think.