June 29th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Baby Watch continues: film at 11

Sydb wrote about our dress rehearsal on Thursday night.

The day was fairly busy: at home we got some dishes washed and clothes folded, then we went out to crafts store before finding the pediatrician's office, where Wolf and Sydb were checking out a potential doctor for Roo. I think they liked what they saw enough to plan on using that practice for Roo.

It turns out that there were two other sets of expectant parents there, and one doctor ended up conducting the new patient schtick for all three sets of parents. The q&a took place in the well-patient waiting room, so I got to sit in for that, and even asked one of the questions (about baby-food meat, which most babies hate). But I had to leave before the tour of the place, to get back in time to take Flood to Wilmore for her obedience training class.

On the way home, I talked to my mom about Granny. She had a fall on Wednesday night, but was apparently doing just fine, and kicked out her visitors most of the day to sleep. I got Flood into the car, and then called Bebe to inquire about Barbar. She'd had most of her tubes removed and was doing well enough that Bebe was nervous and waiting for the next shoe to drop. While I was talking to him, I missed a call from Wolf.

Seems Sydb had had a fall, and they were going to take her to the hospital for monitoring in an LDR, just in case. So we got to have a full-fledged dress rehearsal for the real thing. I turned back to their place to put Flood back into the yard, then picked up money (I was about tapped) and food on the way to the hospital.

Sydb learned that if she's hungry on the way to the hospital, she's eating before she goes. They only let her have ice chips, just in case. Wolf and I remembered a few things we'd like to have in the labor bag, and learned that bringing the labor bag in sooner rather than later would be good.

We also verified that yes, I can find the hospital and LDR area without help. In the LDR area, we learned the location of the drinks, and in the LDR itself, I checked out what sort of supplies there are. Washcloths, towels, that sort of thing.

It turned out that both Sydb and Roo are just fine, and we got to go home about 10:30pm. We barely made it to Fazoli's in time to get dinner for Sydb before they close.

Friday we shopped for a dress for Sydb to attend a wedding, had lunch at Red Lobster with Wolf, and shopped at Meijer for sandals. Wolf is still cooking dinners, which is so cool. Real home-cooked food, and all I have to do is the dishes. Yumm.

We've got a routine down, that I can carry laundry downstairs if Sydb puts together a load for me, and then carry up clean clothes to fold. That way she can instruct me on machine settings for each load, and sort and fold they way she likes. We're shooting for her one-a-day style of laundry, I think. It appears to be working, so far.

Today has been a nice lazy day, with much domestic bliss: Wolf playing with dolls, er, I mean testing out Hero Clix scenarios; Sydb organizing her scrapbooking supplies into her new organizer; and me fooling with the laptop that my dad gave me for Christmas. I've had the PRAM battery replaced, and have it configured for ethernet connection to the house lan, and have downloaded Netscape 4.79 for my browsing needs -- webmail and livejournal, to be precise.

I've got lots more fooling around to do on it, including installing some of the applications I have that Daddy doesn't, and lots of copying of stuff from the desktop I normally use. Things like my Eudora settings, my Netscape bookmarks, that kind of thing.

For now I'm using the upstairs ethernet cable while Sydb isn't home. Alternatively, I can either plug in downstairs, or if we get a small hub for upstairs I can stay in the same room as Sydb when she's online. We'll see. Ideally, we'd all be able to be online downstairs, but we're still limiting the number of trips that Sydb makes on the stairs.

But now it's time to look into cleaning up the kitchen for the master chef. ;)