June 27th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Settling in

I feel like bringing all my stuff here on Saturday was only a trial run, and that now I'm here, I'm really, really here.

Even if I do have to leave around 5:30 to get to the obedience class on time tonight.

Yesterday went well. I started folding the laundry while the dogs were all eating breakfast, but once they were done, I scooped up the scotties and took them to the Pet Resort. Once I got home, I finished folding the laundry, which finished packing me up for Louisville, then loaded the car. I had bunches on my PDA to remind me, and I think I remembered lots. Except to forward the phone.

Anyway, I was ready to go by the time I needed to drop Flar off at his downtown meeting.

We stopped by the hospital on the way, to visit Barbar. She is in ICU for now, with lots of tubes for feeding and draining and stuff. I think she's starting to feel better, because she was up to being critical of how long it takes for the staff to do things. Flar tried to tell her that having some tube or other removed already was ahead of all predictions, but she doesn't ever listen to that kind of thing. And after all, time moves SO SLOWLY when you're in a hospital bed. Bebe is staying there with her as much as he can, which I'm sure helps.

I dropped Flar at his meeting, and then went to the bank to make a deposit for Erosul. There is a downtown branch of that bank, but I had to circle to find on-street parking. And I totally suck at left-side of the street parallel parking. Flar had forgotten to fill in the account number at home, and doesn't carry the Erosul checkbook. So I had to ask the teller to look it up, and he had to mark out the number on my receipt, since I'm not on the account.

Then I went to drop off a bill for Woodstream Consulting, but his client is a construction company, and they were working a different site. So much for navigating the stone "paved" construction site. I did feel good about wearing flats, as is my wont, though.

I finally got to pick up my laptop, and they seemed so concerned about how little power is in the new PRAM battery, that I started charging it in the car. Where it will have to stay until tomorrow -- they said to charge it for 48 hours, and I don't have a reliable main battery for the laptop. Yet. Since the PRAM battery is made to take a trickle charge from the main battery, it will only hold a charge itself for 5 hours, so I'm in the market for a new main battery. That's a search for tomorrow, I think.

Then I dropped off mail, succumbed to the $.25 used copy of "Square Off" and went home.

I caught the exterminator before he left -- he thought Flar was home (since his car is), and napping in the bedroom (since the Do Not Disturb sign was on the door), so he treated the rest of the house before I got there.

I found the fax number for Flar's client in his office, faxed the bill (which I'm supposed to mail, today), caught up Butterscotch, my PDA cradle, my film reader, and bunches of water for the car, then walked Flood and crated her in the back. I was running about 20 minutes for picking up Flar, but we got to the airport in Louisville by 3:36 for his 5pm flight, so he was happy.

Then I went over to Wolf & Sydb's and settled Flood in the back yard, and carried in all my stuff. I've not unpacked the going-back-and-forth bag, but we've already packed the stuff I brought to add to the labor and postpartum bags.

We had a nice dinner last night -- Wolf is a good cook, and he and Sydb have similar-to-my-own sets of definitions for "icky foods" so I can usually eat anything he'd be willing to cook. :)

After dinner we played "torture Wolf." (Which involves sitting around and talking, instead of playing a "real" game, when Wolf wants to play a game.) I think Sydb won, and as a gracious winner, she finally let him pick out some games for us to play. Sydb had been turning down lots of choices in conversation, since she wasn't in the mood to learn a new game, but I was up for it, and we ended up playing a game that was new to me. But I think it'd been long enough since either of them had played that it felt pretty even -- that, and it was a game that wasn't hard to learn.

It was a very nice evening of settling in, and I feel very much "on vacation" now, since I've only Flood depending directly on me, and I'm free to follow whatever schedule that Roo picks, for deciding to arrive.

Today we're going to the pediatrician's office -- where I will be able to give a thorough review of the waiting room. :)

Then obedience training tonight (which probably will mean me having leftover dinner).

I guess I've spent enough time catching up on 24 hours of email/live journal. Time to dress and be a good help-meet.