June 25th, 2002

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Got this from envoy

The rules are simple, you count each person only once (so the second person is the second _unique_ person who's commented on your LJ, not the person who made the second comment)

Who is the 1st person who commented on your LiveJournal: cassiopia
Who is the 1st person who commented on their LiveJournal (that you can see.): hypothermya

Who is the 2nd person? sydb42
Who is the 2nd person on their LJ? cassiopia

Who is the 3rd person? polyanna
Who is their 3rd person? anonymous
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Okay, that's just weird..

So a few people are googling "name is" with their names. I merrily enter "Deb is", and this is one of the first pages I find.

There's a compatibility testing thingie at the end of the page, and the more of each of Wolf's and my names that I put in, the higher percentage of compatibility it generates. Wonder what algorithm it's using?
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This could become habit

Okay, so it probably wasn't so great to have a list of five errands on a day with a 95 deg. high temperature. Especially when one of those errands involved a computer that wasn't ready to be picked up, and one turned into a three-store quest.

But huzzah! I found a replacement CD Card in stock at the third Wal-Mart, to exchange for the one I broke by packing it with large heavy things in a tight space. Wal-Mart was very nice about making the exchange. Mind you, I had the receipt.

Excedrin has banished the heat-induced heatache.

I've put the last load of laundry into the washer. (Still have to fold it all, but "all" is a smallish quantity compared to usual weeks.)

And I just sat down to update the checkbook and pay bills. Gee, it was easy. Flar happened through the kitchen at just the right time to comment about accounts receivable (healthy) and June billings (generous). We went through the bills due and automatically paid while he'll be in Brazil, and discovered no need for me to make a deposit while he's gone. Whee!

It feels nice to be ahead instead of behind, if only for this week.

And now to complete the bills paying process, fold that laundry, clear up the huge pile that my purse and car-leavings (you know, the stuff that accumulates during an extended errand day, and gets all brought in at once) on the kitchen table, and see about remembering to do all those things I noted in my Visor.
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In other news - tmi?

Barbar underwent surgery today. She is now in ICU, and is expected to remain in the hospital for at least a week to recover from the surgery. They removed her right kidney, which was swelled to the size of a child's football, and her gallbladder, and then neatly arranged her small intestines (which had gotten all kinked up -- the resulting pain being the proximate cause of this hospital stay) in the space available, and sewed her all up, with various drainage tubes in place.

I'm writing it here, because the first time Flar gave me all the details, I forgot them.

The doctor thinks she will feel much better, once she has recovered from surgery. But her hospital stays always seem to lean towards the long end of time estimates that the doctors give, so she'll probably be there for two weeks more.
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We took 4 points tonight, against vacant. Which meant that as a team, we had to bowl within 40 points of our team average. The first game was the closest -- I bowl last, and I needed to hit 2 pins to take the game. In the rest of them, we'd won before I bowled my 10th frame.

I bowled one pin over my average tonight for the series, but that was only by virtue of the 170 game that I bowled last. I started out with 109, and then bowled 133, in a game where we all bowled within 3 pins of each other. Which means that Ro outdid us all, that game. :)
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Wanted - an otter stamp

I finally remembered to mention this to Sydb, but to anyone else who reads my journal, and shops for stamps...

I'd be very interested in acquiring an otter stamp.

Critter's favorite teacher (aka the cute [and monogamously married chess coach]) loves otters, and he gives out fuzzy stickers for good grades. Currently, he uses fuzzy ducks, because he can't find fuzzy otters. If I can find the stamp, I can then buy Stampin' Up supplies that will enable me to make him fuzzy stickers. Which would be so cool.