June 21st, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

quick update

This morning I slept in a bit. Woke up slowly, then ate a huge bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with honey and milk. Why does the food industry not get it? We're not after just the flavor -- it's the texture, too. There's something alluring about the way the milk skids off the glaze of honey over the cereal.

After I dealt with the comics and the jumble, and blew off the crossword, I tackled the Very Small pile of bills. The shop called to say my car was ready to pick up, so I figured I should get my errands lined up, and be ready to do them all once I had my car.

I think it was 1:30 before I was finally ready for Flar to take me and the boys (one of the errands included getting them haircuts) to get my car. I just counted the task list in my PDA desktop software: 10 errands, of which I completed 8 today, and put off 2 for tomorrow.

Which means, when combined with tonight being Flood's first obedience class, that I wasn't home much to work on cleaning house.

So tomorrow I get up bright and early and dig in. I hope to have a sparkly clean kitchen and jacuzzi room by the end of the day. At noon, I'm picking up a friend of Critters, and at 5, we're all going to see Lilo & Stitch with Knight and Ro. I forgot to drop Ro's ticket off today, but I'll go by her office tomorrow and drop it off, so she can hurry in to the seat that we save for her, since she'll be coming straight from work.

Obedience class was fun. First I found out the difference that a prong collar can make, in training. Which adds a new errand to my list for tomorrow: get prong collars for all the dogs. The difference in behaviour was amazing: no lunging! We learned a dominance exercise (which I'd already learned over the phone, and which Flood is great at -- even during a fairly long-winded lecture), "Watch", "Sit", "Stand", "Heel", and during Heel: "Slow", "Fast", "Normal" and heck, I can't remember the command to use for turning. Maybe "This way". She sent home lots of information to read, including a page on separation anxiety, which I'm hoping I can use to stop Flood from crying when she's put in her crate, alone.

Flood didn't really "get" Sitting, but other than that, she was pretty good in class. And seemed to like Heeling, a bunch. Mostly, I think she likes the Lots of Attention. :)

And now to bed. Now, before that darned headache comes back.