June 10th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

One room down, a zillion to go

Got the jacuzzi room/laundry room done. Cleaned the jacuzzi, filled it, added chemicals, then swept and mopped the floor. And started laundry. The laundry rug is back in place, and tomorrow we'll wash the fish rug to dry out in the sun. And finish laundry on Wednesday.

Called the trainer; Flood's obedience school starts a week from Thursday and runs eight weeks, with some rescheduling for the week of July 4. She had some advice about house-training and we'll talk more once she's met Flood and knows what she's like, for specific advice.

Called and left word with the Pet Resort Versailles. If they're already booked up, then I've two other choices, before it comes down to kenneling at home and Tender Pet Care.

Need to sort through a bunch of paperwork before I turn in tonight, but first: Tolkein.

It feels good to have one clean room. And for that clean room to be a room with the purpose of cleaning.