June 5th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Tired, long day

I'm writing this post as I read live journal. I just started reading, while popping my email for the first time today, at 11:08pm.

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I get rather cranky when I have to wait that long to read my email.

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While reading live journal, I found out Collapse )

I act like I'm 18, and yet, I frequently feel feel so much older. I guess it doesn't affect the way I act.

So, an hour and a half to read/respond to live journal, with a short interruption to talk to Flar, and a shorter interruption to talk to Wolf. That phone call started out weird, because I was in the midst of venting about my day, and feeling it all over again, and not really wanting to explain any of it, since it was all in the post I'm writing now. So, mostly "mad at Flar for trivial reasons" "worried about Turnip" and got a lecture about calling him even if I think he's busy, so I'll stop worrying, but I guess I'm still holding out for a huge chunk of time in case there's Something To Talk Ab out. And venting really did help, mind. I'm feeling way less bitchy now. Honest.

Now to read my email. Which has, of course, popped another time while I was reading/writing...

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Maybe the reason I'm crabby before I read email is that I miss my daily dose of Rose is Rose (today's was particularly silly) and Cats with Hands (which just was.)

Today I got weekly web fares. Nothing spectacular betwixt here and CA, but there's low fares twixt here and Dallas, and SFO and Dallas. It'd be so cool to screw the picnic and meet Turnip there. Ha. Like that would happen.

Sounds like I've gotten some interest in Bunco. Gotta run with that.

And, two more into my inbox while still reading list mail...

And then it's done. One more check on live journal ...

And woo hoo! It only took two hours to catch up on my daily e-dose.

And Flar thinks I spend six to eight hours a day on this thing. Heh.

Night All.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

Short update

Hey, I can't always be wordy.

The spa guy is here. He had to fill the jacuzzi to run the pumps to look for the leak. Dingy me. It didn't occur to me to get the jacuzzi top cleared off before showed up.

Got the kids to help sort the clothes -- they've their baskets to fold, I've one basket of clothes to fold and four baskets of towels and bed sheets -- just massage table sheets; I haven't added to my work lad by changing all the beds, yet.

Waiting to finish filling the jacuzzi to run a load of sweaters -- maybe the last of the season, I hope. Next run of cold-weather clothes won't be until Flar returns from Brazil in July.

Flood is currently at the vet, having vital innards removed. And her last roundof vaccinations. Today she'll get her rabies tag and lose the ability to reproduce.

Time for phone calls; check about obedience school, schedule the plumber to fix an outside faucet, then make invitations for a sleepover.