May 6th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

the excrutiatingly boring kind of sick

I was in bed all day, yesterday. Fever. (low - only 99.0 to 100.5, but I generally run 97.6 - 98.0) Headache. (but not really migraine. Thought it was the fever. Took excedrin at bedtime and it hasn't come back.) While I was languishing in bed, people were cleaning my house -- it was work weekend. Ro stayed with me a bunch, which was good 'cause I get lonely when I'm sick. Knight and Ro fed Bosco for me, and picked up Cinder at the airport. I worry about having seen Wolf and Sydb and hope I didn't pass anything along.

So I figured with Flar working out of town today I'd be dooming the dogs to a whole day pinned up if I didn't get up. Woke up with 99.5; it had dropped to 99.0 by the time I'd walked the dogs and read my email and caught up on Live Journal. So I figured, stay out of bed, just be low energy today. Now it's up to 100.0 and I'm thinking nap is good.

My chest is a little sore, but I don't *feel* infection anywhere in my body. Not even achy joints that usually go with fever.

I finished Kiss of Shadows (a reread) and Caress of Twilight yesterday. Back to reading The First Man in Rome today -- much more conducive to napping, really.

Gonna bring a finger craft project to bed for when I'm restless and can't read.

I hate being sick. Especially the kind that seems like I should just ignore. Except when I do, it appears to be worse.
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