April 30th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Caught up? What's that?

I was starting to feel caught up -- after all, I've scanned my email, and read live journal back to my last post... And then I looked around at the kitchen.

Yesterday, demariana came over and helped me clean the dining room. The floor still needs mopping, and I wanna buy a tablecloth and placemats, but otherwise it's ready for the party, as soon as I put away my Christmas presents and the laptops that are in there.

The kitchen table has grown a life of its own, and I'm planning to avoid it and tackle the mound of laundry on the jacuzzi today. Then mopt the floor in there and generally get the room back in greeting order. After all, its the first space people usually see in the house.

The plumbers are coming after lunch today, and then I'll be able to tackle the dishbeasts. Maybe if the rest of the kitchen is clean, the table will lose some of its intimidation factor.

Seven minutes to dress and get the kids to school.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Sometimes it's the little stuff.

We're having Chicken Noodle Complete Skillet Dinner tonight, prepared by the boys.

Critter just came into the kitchen to get more. Tigger followed, only to find the skillet empty.

Me: "Could you share some of your seconds with Tigger?"
Critter: "He can have my thirds." [And I'm thinking how did I lose track?]
Tigger: "It would be my thirds too, you can have half."

No arguing, instead - volunteering and cooperating.

Wow, what's in the air?

It helps keep my mind off the plumbing mess in the backyard. At least I can use the kitchen sink and dishwasher again.
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