April 16th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

An Update

I got most of the laundry done yesterday; I have high hopes of finishing it this afternoon. There's a load of towels in the dryer and puppy towels in the washer; all the clothing loads are finished and ready to sort & fold.

I got caught up with entering bills into Quicken and brought the checkbook up-to-date. Looks like we've another couple of weeks before we'll have to break out another margin check or *gasp* get client money in. I still have some odds and ends related to bills to clear away before the computer desk is clean again -- the ultimate indication of "caught up."

I made a decent dinner last night; we're eating more vegetables lately. Critter devours them, Tigger picks through for the carrots, but gamely eats much of the greens as well.

So far 19 people coming to the PWP and it looks like at least a few people are having fun with the Group Name part of the RSVP. Going shopping for the first batch of tshirts as part of errands this aft ernoon.

Bowling this morning and errands in the afternoon: sure sign that live journal will be hopping all day. ;)

Y'all have fun, now... y'hear?

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bundled up, walkabout, snow


Wow. I bowled a 212 game today! We took all three games/four points, to sew up fifth place. Out of ten.

We counted out the money from the Mystery Machine. All season, 32 weeks or thereabouts, The Scooby Gang has been contributing a quarter to the Mystery Machine bank, each time we fail to mark in the first frame of any game. That's a potential total of 32 * 3 games * 3 bowlers * .25 = $72.00. We actually counted out $30.96. Why the uneven amount, you may be thinking? Because one day Knight emptied his pocket change into the bank, and another day a bowler from another team contributed a penny.

It turns out that $31 dollars is just about right for four to go out to lunch at Cheddar's, so we invited Pandria to meet us.

The rest of the day was soaked up in errands. I got my allergy shot, which didn't burn nearly as badly -- I've started taking my nasacort, and have been trying samples of Clarinex. My allergist wrote my out a 'scrip for it, and I'm going to get a $15 "shopping spree" at CVS when I fill it, due to the nifty coupon in the paper.

We picked up a new lawnmower for Knight, then headed home.

Flood's crate was clean, which was really cool, considering that by the time I dropped of Knight and his lawnmower, it was 2:30 by the time I got home. We're still working out the walking gig. But she's done better, on the whole, today.

It's been damn hot. I finally convinced Flar that we could turn on the AC before they come out to do the Spring Cleaning, and the house is starting to cool back down.

And now I think that a soak in a nice bubble bath would be just the thing.
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