March 24th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Smooth sailing

Recently, I resurrected a really old letter I wrote, at the time of the first raccoon day, and used that as a basis to write about Raccoon Day. So, the everyday lesson is sort of about not expecting plans to come together, right...

So, I can't resist buying this really cool Poly 3D kite. It's rainbow colors and poly named, after all. And I've got this other kite that's a parrot. It makes sense to have a kite-flying munch, right?

Then I get a nice mini-migraine, and everyone's so nice about just staying in the dark room with me, hanging out and shooting the breeze. Cool.

Friday night the kids really went all out, picking up and organizing the playroom - getting it ready for a party for chess club. We ended up with a total of 6 kids including Critter and Tigger. One of them was a girl who stayed until about 8:30; the rest are boys who overnighting.

They were pretty manageable, really. They stayed upstairs playing games, and the only loud arguments were between Tigger and Critter, and settled quickly enough. The Knightmare Chess 4 game lasted til midnight, so it's been put on hiatus until the morning, when the four players will decide whether to continue. They're all theoretically settling down to sleep, and it's actually quiet enough down here to believe that's what they're doing up there.

While the kids were playing upstairs, I've baked a cake for a four-way family birthday party tomorrow, and I'll decorate it in the morning. The kitchen is actually relatively clean, and we've ample supplies for breakfast whenever the kids are active.

On the way home from bowling this morning, I picked two more presents for tomorrow; I'd already gotten one yesterday. All gift certificates; gift cards, for various retailers. Tomorrow we're meeting at Mr. Gatti's at 1pm for lunch, then having cake and presents at the grandparents' house.

The reward for the boys cleaning so thoroughly on Friday is supposed to be Snow Dogs; we'll have to see if there's time to fit in a visit back home to walk the dogs before the movie. Otherwise that'll be the longest at-home-alone during the day for Flood.

Looks like the weekend is turning out okay; and not particularly different from the original plans.

Now to bed; perchance to dream. Why do I always get the late shift at these sleepovers? ;)
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