March 20th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

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I found a puppy tonight. Or, really, it found me. I noticed that Werthers was stalking something when I came home, and then saw him. I think he's a little beagle. Two or three months old, tall enough to jump, and fall, out of a recycling bin. That was the best idea I could come up with, for giving him a place to be for the night.

Werthers is in my car. The puppy is in the recycling bin in the garage, with the pedestrian door shut. There are both food and water in the bin with the puppy, as well as a blanket.

Tomorrow I get to figure out the next step.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow


Are dreams more vivid during naps? More strange and unusual? More real-feeling?

So, last night, a puppy came. Wandered in from the cold rain; he found a soft warm spot in my heart.

Tigger has named him Flood. You should see our creek right now; it's well past its banks.

Call the papers; call the vets; put up signs. Do I hope to find the owner, do I hope we don't? There's a little niece of mine who wants to be a vet when she grows up; but I don't know how her parents feel about taking on another dog -- losing their last one to diabetes was quite traumatic.

In my dreams, the lady and her daughter didn't lose Flood. Then why were they here, and why was the little girl so sad? And our garage was built of brick, with cracks patched and anchored once already. And what did the music mean; or was that the radio, insinuating into my dreams...

Gotta wake up.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Flood's first day

Flood is the puppy that came last night. She was named for our creek, which had flooded its banks this morning.

The vet says she's 6 weeks old, but can't tell what breed(s) she is. She said that she will grow into her breed characteristics.

Demariana and Jeshua were kind enough to find a crate in their basement for me to borrow. She'll have to sleep separately from the scotties until we trust them to get along unsupervised. And until she's at least as big as they are.

Right now she weighs a whole 4 pounds. She's got soft puppy fur, mostly tan with some white around her face, and on the tip of her tail. Her nose is pink and black, as are her paw pads. Her dewclaws are black.

Flar is concerned about taking on a third dog, but if no one comes to claim her, I'm not sending her to a shelter. I put leaflets with her picture and my phone number on the neighbors' houses, and put an ad in the paper. I'm waiting a week for her first appointment with the vet, to give whomever a week to find her.

I didn't really get much done around the house today until the boys were home to help watch Flood. The Scotties appear to think she's a large rat or something. So I'm only letting them together under very close supervision. Flood wants to make friends and play. If I can convince the Scotties that she's a puppy and not a rodent, I'm hoping they'll accept her, and maybe even mother her. But it's going to take time.

We declared it dog night and have washed the Scotties' area under the stairs and in the jacuzzi room, and given the Scotties a bath. Flood's crate is all fixed up with a blanket and a food dish and a chew toy and terry cloth stuffed toy.

I just mopped half the jacuzzi room. I'm about to vaccuum the other half and mop it. In cleaning under the stairs and mopping, we discovered that the pilot light had gone out for the gas water heater. Seems the plug was half out for the sump pump, so it didn't operate during all this nifty water, and the water heater got flooded.

Flar plugged in the sump pump, which immediately got rid of lots of water, and then he lit the pilot light. Me, I just get to do a second load of pants/shirts, which I was planning on anyway. His pants that he wore down in to the basement need washing, but I'd missed pretty much all of his regular wash (as opposed to dry cleaners) dirty clothes from Brazil. Oops.

So, the rest of the evening. Finish mopping the jacuzzi room, clear off the jacuzzi of everything except clothes (maybe those too, if Flar wants to jacuzzi), and run lots of laundry through the system.

The kitchen is relatively clean. I cleaned while waiting for dinner to cook. We had chicken and stuffing and stir fry vegetables in teriyaki sauce and cinnamon rolls. Yumm.

Flood is sleeping in my lap while I type this. She was crying, so I sat down to give her some attention before I start cleaning again. I'll see if she stays asleep when I put her back in her crate.

Maybe if I cover part of it with a towel...
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