February 17th, 2002

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Fun with tests

Okay, so first I took this test on the up and up, answering the questions.

Which Moral Minority persona are
by phatjoe

I've never heard of this guy; I suppose I could research him.

But it offers the whole test results page from which to choose, so I'm curious. After all, Pandria got this cool cat that looks a little like Marcus or Barret. So anyway, the icons are a bit small (or I'm a bit old), but I notice that the links are somewhat descriptive of the pictures. But the name of the link for the icon with a picture of a penguin is SATAN?!? Since when are penguins evil? And, it's not even one of those Emperor penguins that so annoyed Knightaudit years ago; it looks more like a rockhopper.

Hmm, could be the guy's a Micro-zealot, and therefore the symbol of Linux equates to the evil dude himself...
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bundled up, walkabout, snow


So Sydb generally puts her bowling scores here, and I thought maybe I'd start. This weekend, I bowled in my first tournament. Yesterday was the team event, in which I bowled a fairly impressive 173, 184 & 138. Today I barely kept up with my average in the doubles/singles games: 136, 151, 136, 176, 120 & 134. For purposes of the tournament, my average was my end-of-season average for last year, which was 136. My highest current season average is 145. So I'm thinking I can't expect to bowl at my best two days in a row.

I won't find out our team standings in the tournament until after next week's games are bowled (the tournament is spread across two weekends), and then the results will be posted sometime that week.

But it was fun to be in a tournament. :)
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