January 18th, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

A Winter Wonderland

Apparently, Louisville didn't get snow last night. But Lexington did. I was a little concerned about it. I went to sleep while the snow was falling, knowing that Flar would be leaving for the airport before I left to take the boys to school. I'm still not comfortable driving in snow.

I found out I can check the school closings online. I think my preference, for compactness of the listing, was WTVQ, the local ABC affiliate.

The Lexington School is in session today, so I got to drive to school. Through fairly dense fog. We left early so I didn't feel rushed, and the drive was beautiful. There was just enough snow to cover all the fields and fences and naked trees.

I tried to follow the scotty prints that the boys had already laid down, so as to preserve as much of the yard for them to play in the snow after school.

The scotties are enjoying their limited freedom of the house. They spend a portion of the time racing around after each other, mock fighting, and the rest of laying about like dogs.

This morning, I've decided to focus on creating a useful checklist for lightbulbs, since we've so many out, and then finish up the list and do a grocery shopping run. There's supposed to be more snow this evening through tomorrow morning.
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