January 3rd, 2002

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Oy! Computers.

And our dependence on them.

So tonight I was just piddling along, on schedule to get to bed by midnight -- not impressive, but earlier than recent nights. I decided to download a more full-featured Mac client for Live Journal, updated my picture, and after testing things out, I was happy to shut down.

Except that my finder file got corrupted somehow.

Techtool Pro couldn't fix it; the install disk wasn't successful on a simple re-install of the finder (*just* finder isn't even an option -- I went for *just* the OS, but that does leave out a bunch); by then the poor thing couldn't boot from the harddrive. I ended up restoring the system (with the nifty option that copies the entire drive into a new folder called "Original Items") and then digging through said folder to set everything back to rights, as regards installed applications and preferences and data and desktop appearance, etc.

Mind you, I could have powered the thing down and done everything tomorrow evening after getting a good night's rest and a busy day's work accomplished. But that's where the dependence comes in. I don't seriously believe I could have slept tonight, before knowing that my email and checkbook and Flar's music files are all safe.

And then I composed a huge note about the evening's activities on a Very Large Sticky Note, to attract the attention of the afore-mentioned Music Addict, who is set on filling up his new I-Pod.

Who, me? Paranoid?

Maybe I can sleep now.

Oh, and I like Phoenix. The impetus for downloading it? I found out that even those of us with free accounts can choose between three pictures for journal postings.
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Winter, Renata Snowflake

Out of Context Quote for the Day

I'm not cheating: I recorded the three Krispy Kremes.

I suppose it's easier to live up to a resolution to record everything I eat, than it is to cut out sweets. ;)

Took three points in bowling today...

Used my baccy money to start a layaway on an adult-sized kid's coat, and found out I'm getting another goofy kid object as my last Christmas present.

Then I slept two hours on an unexpected-available-hour.

Seems the best kind of day to end with soup and pizza bites in front of a silly movie.
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