November 9th, 2001

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Lazy Parenting


Crisp, cold mornings, followed up by clear, mild afternoons. When the days start out so cold, by the time the mild afternoon comes, it seems downright hot. Maybe it's the warm cuddly clothes I pile on in the morning.

Yesterday evening I felt truly pampered. Coming home from a day full of errand running, with a car full of groceries, it felt obscenely decadent to have my boys do everything for me. Critter took care of giving the dogs a long walk and feeding them supper, while Tigger helped tote in all of the groceries. Critter even took care of fixing dinner for me, so that I could shower and change into comfy jammies for the rest of the evening. While Critter was finishing up his homework, Tigger helped to load the cooler with all of the drinks we normally stock, and then he folded and put away all of his clean clothes. I heedlessly tossed cardboard on the floor, near the trash can, planning to flatten and stuff them all at once -- and didn't even have to follow through on that, as Critter took care of it when he emptied all the trash. And the nummy, nummy dinner was filling, but low calorie enough to allow room for eggnog for dessert.

It's such a nice feeling for all the training to pay off. :)
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