April 4th, 2001

bundled up, walkabout, snow


I'm a born-again Christian. It's not a secret, but people tend to be surprised when they find this out about me. See, I don't go around evangelizing and telling people they're going to burn in hell if they don't accept Jesus. That kind of thing.

There's this part of the bible where Jesus talks about the many rooms in his mansions in heaven. And other passages that refer to building up riches in heaven by our good works on Earth. The thing of it is, entrance into heaven is a simple matter, and the accomodations may vary.

So, I might be staying in a pup tent. But there's a promise that I'll be happy, which implies to me that I won't be separated from those I love.

Which kind of contradicts the whole one-path thing, since I love people who aren't born-again.

It's a mystery. I'm content to wait and find out.

But I kind of expect my campground to be rather full.
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