Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

blah blah blah

Up. Still bills in the dining room, lurking like a predatory beast.

Sorted laundry and started the load that has two thirds of my bras in it. Will do shirts after, although only the first load is needed for work tonight. I've also go whites, towels, fuzzy blanket & sheets, and much still left in the delicates.

Tigger has made progress on cleaning his room. It may be a healthy learning environment (for instance, for doing homework) by the start of classes.

Flar has agreed to take the boys shopping for school supplies, as I can't be trusted in an office supply store when we're broke.

Critter went to Paducah last night with Béé, but Flar expects him home soon enough to handle trash tonight for the morning pickup.

Need to go to the bank ( I managed to work 42.6 hours in the last two weeks, go me), the grocery (to get $3.25 for coupons the cashier didn't remove during scanning) and the allergist (who are still in their old location).

Haven't printed invitations yet.

Haven't dragged out Rookettes materials yet.

The cop I need to call is on vacation. They don't know when he's scheduled back.

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