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Doodle Bug

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today, i sucked eggs

I was going to say the day sucked, and realized that would be unfair to Denise. Who came over and was all companionable to this warmed over lump of blah who fixed herself breakfast and stared at the papers.

Today I've: caught up on the papers (exc. today), done all the puzzles (up through a few clues in today's crossword), and nothing else.

And now it's time to read with Timothy and get ready for work.

Oh, Flar checked the traps in the pantry. No signs of dead mouse - it's probably under the floor. Sigh.

I feel empty, hollow, lazy, and all around stupid.

Augh, didn't do the bowling thing. Grr. Will hotsync, finalize updates, THEN call Tigger down for reading. Think shower will be a powder today.

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