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Yesterday & Today

Yesterday I managed to open lots of bills and place lots of medical bills in a pile all by themselves to mate with EOBs. I think they're going to need a yenta.

I have a new reading regimen with Tigger. We start at 2pm, and worked into this schedule is time for me to shower and dress and pack for work, so it's a reasonable schedule. Will have to be somewhat modified to work around errands today.

After showering yesterday, and even remembering to put vinegar in my eyes, I discovered that my left ear (the problem one) is giving me grief again. Right now, it's just increased pressure and noticeable drainage. I *think* I have an appointment already on the books with the ear doctor, so I'm hoping to wait for that. Last night I needed excedrin to stave off the pain, though. Which I can't repeat often, due to invoking the migraine beast.

Today I can't devote 100% to bills, as we have little food in the house. So:

Allergist - a new adventure: they've moved offices, and I get to find the new digs for the first time.

Then, bowling. I need to update a spreadsheet I have, for determining prize distribution for our league, and I'd like to download it to the PDA that Christopher gave me, which means updating my desktop software and hotsyncing and etc. etc.

Looks like I'll be able to successfully avoid bills all day.


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