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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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FUN party- not
The most response I got to dates was for this coming Saturday, and now that seems appallingly soon to me.

The demonstrator wants more people in attendance than I think I can materialize, and somehow I've just lost the oomph.

So, no FUN party, sorry to be a wet blanket.

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What is FUN?

(Boy, is THAT a weird question out of context.)

A "Fun" party is for sales of sex toys, lingerie, etc. :)

A FUN Party is a home sales party for adult entertainment products. I was going to link to the demonstrator's website in my journal entry, but it asks for a login - and she never gave me one.

It's kind of like Good Vibes for the masses. With party games.

Hmmn. Sounds like a possibility for a home bizniz.

If you want, we could always get a few local chicks together and go visit Priscilla's (that new place that opened up just inside New Circle Road on N'ville Road). I've been wanting to go there, but get embarrassed to go by myself. :)

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