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Brief update

I succumbed. Okay, it's easy: I don't want to see the bills, touch them handle them, deal with them. So it was easy to choose anything else.

And, it's been days since I was caught up reading LJ. By the time I was done reading, an hour later than I promised myself I'd stop, I had reached skip=325, and I've no idea how many "frequent posters" had dropped off my friends-view by then (LJ only goes back 20 or 25 entries per friend, if I understand correctly). So *maybe* I caught up; maybe not.


My last post was on Tuesday. Since that time, I've:
  • done this week's laundry and caught up on folding last and previous weeks'
  • cleaned the kitchen counters and done the handwash, and shall use re-catching-up on that as another escape
  • only tried once (but since I was really resisting, I count it as a victory) to get hold of the cop, but found out he works second shift (which I should have figured, given the time of the accident), and haven't managed to find a post-4pm time to call back
  • finished reading Fool on the Hill and wonder how many books behind I am, on updating 50bookchallenge
  • started reading The Color of Magic
  • failed to work a three-star logic puzzle, but succeeded at completing the Wednesday crossword.
  • worked. Easy queues this week, and very social atmosphere at work. Next week, Spikey is starting second shift, so the mix will change. Hope to retain fun atmosphere, but we're planning to be last-chance rebels tonight.

Started in on planning schedule for August through September. Looks pretty dicey. Gonna take a look again tomorrow, when I'm not feeling so discouraged. Will no doubt see stuff I missed the first go-round.

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