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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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It started out life planning to be chicken tetrazini, and can you do that without fresh mushrooms or sour cream?

So, butter, white onion, boneless thighs cut into bite sized pieces. Sauté then simmer to fully cook the chicken. Seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper and oregano.

Stir in condensed cream of chicken soup. (I didn't even have a can of cream of mushroom -- the house is currently fungus-free.)

Stir in Rotel tomatoes.

The plan was to put that on the back burner, boil spaghetti noodles on the front burner, combine and bake. And, the only cheese left in the house is grated swiss, and whatever's left in the bottom of the Parmesan shaker. Wasn't sure which cheese I would have topped it with.

Then, I got ... mm ... adventurous? lazy? playful?

Looked for orzo -- oops, none left, but hey, there's barley.

Isn't that for beef? oh, what the heck. Added water to the chicken mixure, brought it to a boil, and found out there was hardly any barley left.

So then it just got weird. Added a dollop of Uncle Ben's quick cooking brown rice. Didn't even measure. Reduced heat, stirred a ton to try to prevent sticking, and now it's simmering, covered.

What if it does taste good? I'll never be able to reproduce it.

Wonder if it should have cheese, anyway. And would it be over the top to add cheese by crumbling chessy doritoes on the top?

But hey, I've washed *all* the leftover containers, and the pieces that go with the blender and a sports bottle that were already clean, and all the tops. And the spoon rest, which is back in service.

And all the crystal.

Looks like I could wash everything else, at this point. There's time and counter space, and I've gotten the dinner-thing made, so nothing else critical before I leave for bowling tonight.


I may even have time to write after the dishes are done.

Oh, wait, also gotta pack the car: the boys are flying into Louisville, and we're spending the night before we head home.

Hmm... Sydb, Wolf, think there'll be time for a game? I'd *lurv* to play The Works with y'all, and the boys like that game... We could play to a reduced number of points?

Okay SO in a good mood right now. And listening to Paul Simon doesn't hurt. :)

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As long as rules explaination doesn't take long and Wolf isn't too tired, it should be ok. Depending on how much straightening I get done, we may end up playing on a card table though. ;)

Having played it recently, I can explain it without reading the rules verbatim, so that should go pretty quickly..

Much of the play is determined by the cards, and the structure is rather simple.

Hmm. So essentially you've got a Chicken 'n Brown Rice vaguely-casserole-like sort of thing. I don't know about the Doritos, but I'd think that melting swiss cheese on top would be yummy! :)

On the other hand, I think swiss cheese makes almost anything more yummy!

And you'd have had sour cream if you hadn't made the onion dip on Sunday. Ah well. :)

Okay, so baked cheesy goodness, with crunched cheesy doritoes on the bottom of the casserole pan, and swiss cheese atop the chicken/rice mixture.

Gotcha. ;)
It's for Flar, or I'd add broccoli and call it a complete dinner. Right now the only veggies in it are onions.

>So then it just got weird.

That's the sort of statement that causes me to smile and say 'I love you' (and I spelled 'smile' wrong TWICE - I need more sleep!)

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