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Feeling Jumbled

So I was going to track my emotional wiggyness versus my monthlies. Looking for a culprit, I suppose, but really it doesn't seem to follow a very well-laid out pattern.

Or at least, that was my thinking, as I headed into this week clear and sane. Monday night I got a slight attack of the lonelies, that appeared headed for worse, so I took some Atarax before heading to bed. Prescribed for allergic dermatitis, it's also a mild tranquilizer and a mild sedative. Good bedtime medicine, if only for its placebo effect.

Yesterday I was merely tired and crampy, but tired in a rather significant way. I ended up taking a three hour nap after bowling, going home early after watching the Buffy wedding, and getting into bed for a phone call by 10:20 -- quite early for me; especially on a three hour afternoon nap.

Today I seem to be on edge, though. Working in fits and starts -- gotta go move through more laundry; I haven't gotten around to eating lunch yet, and little things seem to be spiralling away from me again.

So, no huge depression thing, but still edgy. The question is, do I get this way the rest of the month, too?

Feel like running away and shedding responsibilities.

Maybe I'll be able to take a bubblebath tonight.

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